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Logan Valley RE226 livestock
NegotiableLogan Valley RE226 livestock trough. It measures 6x2x2 and holds approximately 174 gallons of water. It has never been used except to be sure it holds water. Asking $100 or best offer. Must sell asap. Pick up in Narcoossee.
10 Gallon Aquarium set up for
$10010 Gallon Aquarium set up for Saltwater. Has been running for two months and is ready for livestock. Has everything you need except lights.
Vintage Struco livestock truck
$75Vintage Struco livestock truck Tin Metal 16 x 6
Plastic open top locking lid
$30Plastic open top locking lid plastic drum drums barrel barrels. Popular for shipping to Africa or Caribbean. Also good for feed storage for livestock or making into rain barrell $30 each non food grade contained chemicals $40 each food grade contained spaghetti sauce or orange juice Discounts available if quantity is high---- 12 or more
150 gallon saltwater aquarium
$1000150 gallon saltwater aquarium setup (no livestock) NO LIVESTOCK, all livestock previously sold! $1,000 OBO. Not parting out! Here is what is included: - Leemar 150 gallon tank (60 x 24 x 24) eurobraced with 3 starphire panels, a black back, and trapezoid overflow box with dual one inch returns and 2.5 inch drain. - Custom wood stand (48 inches tall), double door, open back with custom trims. - Custom light rack with two of the china LED boxes and separate lunar lights. - 55 gallon three chamber sump. - Return Pump. - ASM G3 or G4 protein skimmer with pump. - 4 plug dual channel wavemaker. - 2 Little Fishies Phosban Reactors (150) plumbed in series with pump. - 40 gallon trash can used as top off reservoir. - 4 stage RODI (50 or 75 GPD I believe), keeps up with all my needs. - multiple powerheads - 2 WP-40's, 4 Hydors (various), - Auto top off with float switches. - Heaters. - Chiller with cold/heat control. - four 5 gallon water jugs. - one 3 gallon water jug. - extra filter socks. - Cleaning magnets. - 1x1x1 cube stand-alone refugium with drain and grow light. - All the plumbing, powerstrips/tiimers. - Tons of extras to include: - boxes of chemicals, medicine, food, coral foods etc. - boxes of water testing kits and books - tubs of extra plumbing, nets, powerheads, filters parts, extra lights etc. - Lots more I'm probably forgetting to mention... This would cost thousands brand new!
For sale is our 36 gallon salt
$300For sale is our 36 gallon salt water reef tank. The tank, hood, and stand are made by Lifetech. The tank has a Fluval reef LED on it currently. The only livestock in the tank are a clown and a Melanurus wrasse. There are some mushroom corals and a large leather as well. The system is self contained with a filtration setup inside that cabinet. Will come with everything you need to keep the tank running.
10-foot horse or livestock
$6210-foot horse or livestock panels $62 each, 5-foot bow or walk through gates $100 ea. 5ft panels $48
Galvanized fence panels,
$50Galvanized fence panels, livestock I have 5 large & 4 small fence panels for sale. Asking 75 for large & 50 for small. Good condition. Measurements large 9'7" long 4'3" tall short are 5'7" long 4'3" tall
150 gallon saltwater/marine with
$2800150 gallon saltwater/marine with all the fixings , custom cabinent and livestock and much more! 6000.00 into it!!!! Great for dr's office , hospital or basement or more!!!! Make offer!!!! Call !770-845-9648
10 pack of unique Heat keep
$1010 pack of unique Heat keep warming packs that last 20-plus hours at temperatures of up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for shipping livestock , skiers campers, and fisherman who need heat warmers for their hands and/or feet. regularly $2 a pack or $40 for the case of 10. I'm only asking $10 per case and I only have approximately 20 Cases left this week so hurry. PS I don't know why the item location is coming up as San Francisco but I'm in Chino Hills California
Selling automatic livestock
$25Selling automatic livestock water. New in box. I have 2 if these.
10 by 20 wood shed. Raised
$350010 by 20 wood shed. Raised foundation. pitch /shingle roof. 2 turbine vents . has been insulated, drywall, a/c,light fixtures, drywall, paint, tile so like a room not a shed. currently use as dog house but would b great tack room, office, etc.&good 4 carpenter as well (noise reduced due 2 insulation. ) can b prof moved about $250 . interior presently sectioned off w/(2)compartments @9'5"" long&5' wide on sides 4 dogs or small livestock &empty middle compartment (storage, desk, workspace, etc )@7'10" wide,9'5"long.frames can b removed so no compartments, all interior space open.
Custom built steel livestock
$800Custom built steel livestock carrier. Powder coated black with solid white roof for weather protection. Measures 85" long X 42" wide X 48" tall. Fits in bed of pick up and has lockable door for padlock. Much easier than hauling a trailer around! Fits 6 adult sheep/goats or 8-12 lambs/kids or 2-6 pigs depending on size or even a small calf or mini horse!
This is the newest CoraLife
$375This is the newest CoraLife BioCube 14 all-in-one system with matching stand included.   I got this setup in December 2015 and loved it.  It was such a successful setup that the reef animals I started in this tank became much too large too quickly and I had to upgrade to a larger setup.   The whole tank and stand is only 4 months old and is in pristine condition. I have upgraded and modified the tank to maximum efficacy.  This setup will be a simple plug-and-play.  Everything is ready to go.  Add water, cycle the tank, and you can begin to add livestock.   Mods/Upgrades CoraLifeBioCube 14 (16 x 16 x 17) CoraLifeBioCube 14 matching stand (16 x 16x 29 black) Pump upgrade: Cobalt MJ900 Heater:  Neo-Therm 50W Lighting upgrade:  Dave's NanoBoxReef SemiLed Array V3 with Storm Controller Hydor-Koralia Nano Powerhead Hydor-Koralia SmartWave Wavemaker Media upgrade:  In-Tank Media Basket CoraLife protein Skimmer Submersible Refugium Lamp (actinic LED)     Total cost:  $875 I'm very particular about aesthetics, so nothing sticks out or hangs off the sides of the tank.   I was very neurotic about making sure the tank fit my contemporary design and had to be very minimalistic.  I am very surprised with how successful CoraLife has constructed this nano tank.  I truly wasn't expecting to have to upgrade to a larger system in 3 months.  Come and see for yourself.   The price I am asking is firm ($375).   Thank you for reading this rather long post.  Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Please be a serious and courteous inquirer. *NOTE: livestock seen in pictures NOT INCLUDED.  Pictures show my reef animals whilst in the tank.  The growth was unbelievable. Perfectly sized for an office or bedroom space.
covered livestock feeder.
$100covered livestock feeder.
All items are best offer (not
$100000All items are best offer (not pictured) 19 hp riding mower,very heavy ramps,goose neck live stock trailer, John Deere tractor-2020,swather/comes with trailer, I don't have prices so please make offer remember I can only say no Heavy ramps-500 24' gooseneck livestock trailer-3000 Gasoline air compressor-2000 Small air compressor-150 John Deere tractor-1500
75 gal livestock or planting
$10075 gal livestock or planting trough
BIRD CAGW..good condition..have
$20BIRD CAGW..good condition..have fake birds inside cage already and some false butterfly's outside cage.can be used as DECOration or LIVESTOCK .your choice
Stanfield Heat Pad. 
$100Stanfield Heat Pad. Great heating pad for livestock or reptiles. Model no. S3030 36"x36" Retail $190 ($250 with tax/shipping) Made of Osborne-engineered fiberglass reinforced plastic composite material, the heat pads are 100% water-tight, flame-retardant and easy to clean. The treaded surface provides sure footing for animals and the evenly distributed heat keeps them from piling. The pads surface temperature stays uniformly warm, about 30-35° F (16-20° C) above air temperature.
Large galvanized 75 gallon
$100Large galvanized 75 gallon livestock feeding or water trough. Can also be used as a planter