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I'm selling a Apache 2013
$2700I'm selling a Apache 2013 utility's trailer nothing is wrong with it I just don't need it anymore its77 inches wide by170 inches long
Graco Playpen. Only used a
$20Graco Playpen. Only used a handful of times in our camping trailer. Like new.
Customs built RC Trailer
$400Customs built RC Trailer Measures 14x24
2007 Fleetwood Utah pop-up
$68002007 Fleetwood Utah pop-up trailer Great condition, sleeps 7, push-out dining area, fridge, sink, 3 burner stove top, pull out beds are king sized, indoor cassette potty. 4 bike racks on roof, ample storage, outdoor shower, heater.
Dual axel trailer 20' long
$800Dual axel trailer 20' long
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Tiny House, 26'x8' double axel
$49870Tiny House, 26'x8' double axel trailer, custom designed tiny house, bathroom, shower, kitchen, refrigerator, gas oven, tankless water heater, washer, heating and AC, two lofts, 13 windows, metal copper roof, cedar ceiling, wood finish and trim, off grid four panel solar kit. Perfect for weekend relaxation or permanent living. Sleeps up to 7 adults. $43,985 without solar kit.
Jim Beam diecast truck and
$20Jim Beam diecast truck and trailer. Approximately 14" in length. Would look great in any bar or man cave
2004 Sea Doo Speedster 200, 20',
$145002004 Sea Doo Speedster 200, 20', Twin Rotax 4-Tec - 310HP w/Trailer Great Condition! Low Hours, One Owner, Tags All Current - 2017 Clean and Paid In Full Title! Brief Summary- Sea-Doo has combined four-stroke technology, great handling, lots of added features, along with high horsepower to design this 200 Speedster, which adds up to an exciting ski and wakeboard boat. STATS Length Overall: 19'9" Beam: 8' Dry Weight: 2,770 lb. Seating/Weight Capacity: 7/1,400 lb. Fuel Capacity: 40 gal. Max HP: 310 MSRP (test boat): $28,299 TEST DRIVE Test Engine: Twin Rotax 4-Tec Test Prop: progressive pitch, stainless steel Test Load: People (250 lb.); Fuel (40 gal.) Top Speed: 54.3 MPH @ 7,300 RPM Time to Plane: 2.8 sec. Time to 30 MPH: 5.6 sec. Min. Plane Speed: 20 MPH @ 4,400 RPM
Two 5.50x16 tractor / trailer/
$140Two 5.50x16 tractor / trailer/ Implement tires Tubes are included $140 for two tires
Pickup and horse trailer
$10Pickup and horse trailer
$300002014 CHEVY SILVERADO 2WD LT CREW CAB, BLUE GRANITE Engine, 4.3L V6 ECOTEC3, 6-spd automatic transmission, Stabilitrak-Stability control w/ trailer sway control & hill assist, EZ lift & lower locking tailgate, deep-tinted glass, custom sport 20" polished aluminum wheels, air conditioning, cruise control, driver info color display, steering wheel audio controls, Chevrolet mylink audio system, trailering equipment package Prodigy trailer brake system Spray-on bed liner Just over 39,000 miles
$3BEN STILLER 'ZOOLANDER' Special collectors widescreen DVD Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) isn't smart, but he looks "really, really good." An empty-headed yet kindhearted male model, the self-absorbed Derek becomes an unwitting pawn in a international assassination plot masterminded by oddball fashion dictator Jacobim Mugatu (Will Ferrell). Meanwhile, the clueless cover guy must also contend with a new rival, a blonde hipster named Hansel (Owen Wilson). Only adding to his troubles is Matilda Jeffries (Christine Taylor), an inquisitive and sensitive journalist.Stiller's charming and silly comedy liberally skewers the fashion industry while showcasing the actor-director-screenwriter's quirky humor. He casts his real-life family in the film: wife Christine Taylor, sister Amy Stiller, father Jerry Stiller, and mother Anne Meara. As a director, Stiller invokes entertaining performances from Wilson and Ferrell. He also adds cameos by a multitude of celebrities including David Bowie, Natalie Portman, and Lenny Kravitz. Product Highlights Video Trailer: Product Details Number of Discs: 1 Rating: PG-13 (MPAA) Film Country: USA Sound: Stereo Sound UPC: 097363373742 Additional crap Genre: Comedies Format: DVD
$3SEVERED: FOREST OF THE DEAD (Used DVD 2006 Widescreen) Paul Campbell, Sarah Lind This contribution to the zombie horror genre explores what happens when a major forestry company attempts to genetically increase the wood output in one particular part of the forest. What they don't foresee is that their experiments will go awry, and accidentally turn several workers and protestors into a race of flesh-eating zombies out to get their revenge. Product Highlights Video Trailer: Product Details Number of Discs: 1 Rating: R (MPAA) Film Country: USA UPC: 025193097521 Additional Intrails Genre: Horror/Suspense Format: DVD
$5EXECUTIVE DECISION (DVD, 1997) KURT RUSSELL FULL & WIDESCREEN An elite military team must board an airborne, hijacked plane to defuse a nerve gas bomb that could wipe out the entire East Coast. The plot follows a "Die Hard" formula, providing competent suspense. Movie Trailer: Details Number of Discs: 1 Rating: R (MPAA) Film Country: USA Features: Letterboxed Sound: Surround Sound UPC: 085391421122 Xtra crap Genre: Action/Adventure Format: DVD
A gritty fairy tale of dreams
$3A gritty fairy tale of dreams deferred, HUSTLE & FLOW infuses the torpor of the Memphis ghetto with electric tension. Terrence Howard delivers the performance of a lifetime as DJay, a pimp and drug dealer eking out an existence with his three whores, one of whom, Shug (Taraji P. Henson, HOLLA), is hugely pregnant. Nola (Taryn Manning, 8 MILE) turns tricks from the backseat of DJay's beater, while Lexus (Paula Jai Parker, LOVE CHRONICLES), the hustler's high-maintenance girlfriend, strips in a cellar-like club. DJay's dissatisfaction is increasing as he senses that life has nothing more in store for him, but a chance encounter with an old school friend, Key (Anthony Anderson, KING'S RANSOM), reignites his musical aspirations. Key is a small-time recording artist, and DJay, armed with a notebook full of lyrics, pays him a visit at home, much to the displeasure of Key's prim and proper wife (Elise Neal, PLAYA'S BALL). Initially dubious, Key agrees to partner with DJay after hearing his stuff, and the two build a makeshift recording studio in DJay's back room, enlisting the aid of a skinny white boy (DJ Qualls) with an unlikely talent on the drum machine. There unfolds the triumphant meat of the story, where, against all odds--and after a few bouts of infighting--everyone pitches in to cut DJay's crunk demo.Essentially a rags-to-riches story, director Craig Brewer avoids the saccharine through his achingly human portrayal of the characters. DJay is fraught with an undeniable misogyny that colors his otherwise sympathetic angst, and Howard portrays that complexity with grace and soul. With John Singleton in the producer's chair, HUSTLE & FLOW strikes an unprecedented balance between feel-good fare and unstinting urban drama, in what amounts to a powerful depiction of the pain and poignant struggle of those who populate this often-misinterpreted milieu. Highlights Video Trailer: B.T.S Details Number of Discs: 1 Rating: R (MPAA) Film Country: USA...
$2THE LONGEST DAY (D-Day 50th anniversary 2 Tape set) / FLYING TIGERS - JOHN WAYNE- 2 PACK the war collection (VHS like new) An all-star cast enlists for this epic recreation of the Allied invasion of Normandy. Academy Award Nominations: 5, including Best Picture. Academy Awards: Best (Black-and-White) Cinematography. Product Highlights Video Trailer: Product Details Number of Tapes: 2 Rating: Not Rated Film Country: USA UPC: 086162859038 Additional info Genre: Action/Adventure Format: VHS Black and white FLYING TIGERS John Wayne is the leader of a squadron of American pilots-for-hire in China, pre-Pearl Harbor. The men are wildly outnumbered by the Japanese, and also deal with difficulties within their own ranks. Excellent air combat scenes, some taut military-court drama, and even a little romance between Wayne and a lovely British nurse. Details Number of Tapes: 1 Rating: Not Rated Film Country: USA UPC: 017153138931 Additional specs Genre: Action/Adventure Format: VHS Black and white
NegotiableGREATEST BITS by JEFF FOXWORTHY - C.D Album Features UPC: 093624742722 Artist: Jeff Foxworthy Format: CD Release Year: 1999 Record Label: Warner Bros. Genre: Comedy Track Listing 1. It's OK That I'm This Way 2. Rednecks and Shiny Stuff 3. Commemorative Plates 4. Rednecks Play the Lottery 5. Bubble Wrap 6. Super-Size Them Fries 7. You Might Be a Redneck If... 8. Redneck Stomp 9. First Single's Apartment 10. The Security Deposit 11. The Morning After 12. She Has a Boyfriend 13. I Need Some Space 14. Party All Night 15. Men's/Women's Magazines 16. Bikini Season 17. You Will Get Remarried 18. Totally Committed 19. Clampetts Go to Maui 20. Howdy from Maui 21. I'm From Georgia 22. Words in the South 23. My Favorite Southern Word 24. NASA & Alabama & Fishing Shows 25. Southern Accent 26. Redneck Games 27. Redneck 12 Days of Christmas Details Playing Time: 43 min. Contributing Artists: The Beach Boys, Alan Jackson, Little Texas, Los Straitjackets Distributor: WEA (Distributor) Recording Type: Studio Recording Mode: Stereo SPAR Code: n/a Album Notes Personnel includes: Jeff Foxworthy, Alan Jackson, The Beach Boys, Little Texas, Los Straitjackets.Producers: Doug Grau, J.P. Williams, Scott Rouse, James Houlihan, Jr.Compilation producers: J.R. Henegar, Brad Howell.Photographer: Tom Smugala.Unknown Contributor Roles: Alan Jackson; Little Texas; Los Straitjackets; The Beach Boys.Arrangers: Doug Grau; Scott Rouse.Jeff Foxworthy isn't just a comedian, he's a phenomenon. In the '90s, this Nashville comic came to unprecedented fame with his satire of Southern life, particularly of the folks he constantly (if lovingly) refers to as "rednecks." His "you might be a redneck if..." shtick lampoons the most outrageous aspects of trailer-park life as well as the everyday occurrences. GREATEST BITS gathers its tracks from Foxworthy's previous four albums, providing an excellent introduction to his work.Foxworthy is careful to identify with the targets of his humor. Anytime he refers to his beloved rednecks
$1WALT DISNEY SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON VHS Clamshell Case (classic adventure series) Fleeing from Napoleonic oppression, the Robinson family get shipwrecked and marooned on an island inhabited by tigers, elephants and zebras. They soon feel at home, once their majestic tree house--complete with running water--is set up. However, the Robinson's must face a danger even greater than nature: treacherous pirates! Highlights Video Trailer: Details Edition: Clam Shell; The Fantastic Adventure Series Number of Tapes: 1 Rating: G (MPAA) Film Country: USA Sound: HiFi Sound, Stereo Sound UPC: 786936027204 Additional BS Genre: Action/Adventure Format: VHS
$10BLED / REIGN IN DARKNESS / DRACULA RISING B. MOVIE HORROR 3 PACK DVD BLOODSUCKERS COLLECTION Well winter is finally here here's some off-the-wall scary movies just in time for staying in and watching some movies the old-fashioned way with physical media no Netflix no Hulu or YouTube you actually have to get up and put a disc in What's called the DVD player yes I know it's old-fashioned but it's good cardio to get up and stick the disc in the dvd player + you burn at least 10 calories and believe it or not there is still people around that don't have all this internet to just do what they want with this perfect for all of you 3 great must have B movie titles to add to your physical media collection Dracula Rising is actually a Roger Corman movie so if you know Roger Corman then you know this is a good Bee Movie BLED is a terrifying horror tale that explores vampirism, addiction, and beyond. Sai (Sarah Farooqui, LOST) is a young artist living in a downtown warehouse. When she meets a mysterious and devilishly handsome man who insists she tries an unidentifiable drug, her experimental ways get the better of her. Soon after ingesting the substance, Sai realizes she’s becoming a helplessly addicted, unwitting portal for a dark and sinister being to cross over from his own dimension into the earthly world. Highlights Video Trailer: Details Number of Discs: 1 Rating: R (MPAA) Film Country: USA UPC: 031398108276 Additional specs Genre: Horror/Suspense Format: DVD DRACULA RISING (ROGER CORMAN) o.o.p Compelled by a chance encounter with a cryptic stranger, a gorgeous woman travels to Europe and comes face to face with a personal horror. Five centuries ago, she had been burned at the stake! Highlights B.T.S Details Number of Discs: 1 Rating: R (MPAA) Film Country: USA UPC: 736991444997 Additional Details Genre: Horror/Suspense REIGN IN DARKNESS When molecular biologist Michael Dorn is accidentally infected with the world's most dangerous virus, he joins the army of the undead --a new breed of blood-sucking vampires! Now starving for blood and on the hunt for flesh, Michael must find a cure for the deadly virus before mankind ceases to exist ! Product Details Number of Discs: 1 Rating: R (MPAA) Film Country: USA UPC: 024543084112