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Beautiful American girl dolls
$60Beautiful American girl dolls from American girl doll just used for modeling to make cloth for our granddaughter it does come with the original close.
Brand new batman fidget spinners
$10Brand new batman fidget spinners I have 3 at $15 each. Good quality
trains not included cuz the kids
$50trains not included cuz the kids lost them
mixed items for sale
$35mixed items for sale
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Pottery jar. I meet buyers near
$2Pottery jar. I meet buyers near 44th street and Indian school
Pine car derby kit. New.
$10Pine car derby kit. New.
Fidget Spinners 
All new in
$6Fidget Spinners All new in boxes, power / baseline , must pick up - firm
Batman led Fidget Spinners
$8Batman led Fidget Spinners Brand new in box, power / baseline , firm
Collectible Royal Doulton
$98Collectible Royal Doulton Balloon Figurines Beautiful Condition. $104.00 BOTH The Balloon Man 1954 Biddy Pennyfarthington No Holds, pick up arrangements must be made within 24 hours X posted, North East Phoenix Desert ridge area
Four  gold metal jewelry
$13Four gold metal jewelry stands Two at 16" x 16" One at 17 and three-quarter inches by 11 1/2 inches One at 15" x 6.25" $13 each or all for $45 No holds, arrangements made for pick up within 24 hours X posted, desert ridge area
Ashton Drake Native American
$90Ashton Drake Native American Dolls Price is for all three collectible pieces. X-Posted, No Holds North East Phoenix
Thomas the Train Trackmaster
$30Thomas the Train Trackmaster "Thomas' Dockside Delivery" All pieces are accounted for.
3 Boxes of board game pieces. I
$303 Boxes of board game pieces. I believe each box was 5 pounds when I purchased them, so over 15 pounds here. I bought them to have my students create board games for their final project, but we ran out of time and I'm switching grade levels. One box is already sorted and the pieces are in Zip Loc bags. Great for education purposes, crafts, kids toys, etc.
Unique Chopper Figurine, very
$28Unique Chopper Figurine, very intricate Perfect condition 12" long 3" tall
Flat doll and clothes in a
$45Flat doll and clothes in a folding case. Perfect for the kids that travel and play. Description: Handmade Flat Doll set is designed to be brought to church, on airplanes and for travel to keep little ones busy. It is good for ages 3-10. ( small pieces for under 3, may be used with supervision for younger children) Set includes 1 7”Doll, 2 pair of shoes, 2 pair of boots,2 sleeveless dresses, 2 short sleeved dresses, nightgown, pants, capris, shorts, long skirt, short skirt and 3 shirts. The fabric case is made to keep all pieces secure and unfolds into a play mat that includes a bed and pillow. It is easy to carry with handle to carry it. This is a fun toy that provided hours of fun. This handmade doll set is great for keeping little ones busy when you need to keep them quiet. They are similar to the old fashioned paper dolls we all played with and they do not have the problems of torn tabs to hold them on! They will enjoy playing with the set. There are many combinations to add to enjoyable playtime. I make each piece with quality material. All edges are finished to prevent fraying. All clothing items are layered to make them stiff to display each outfit. They are well made for years of fun. About Me: I started making flat dolls and doll quilts for my grandchildren. They enjoy them so much and I enjoy making them. Friends and family thought that they should be sold to the public. I have grandchildren who have all played with my handmade fabric flat dolls. They have been quit a hit with everyone who has children.
Quiet book flat dolls
$45Quiet book flat dolls
Baby doll cradle with doll
$45Baby doll cradle with doll (new). Includes doll (different dolls to choose from) baby bottle, pillow, blanket, and padded mattress. (Also have different cradles to choose from if you wish that are not shown.