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All kinds of finishing cement
NegotiableAll kinds of finishing cement tools. Will sell as lot or by piece. Best offer
Newer just used one time this is
$25Newer just used one time this is good for kids with special needs have connecting cord, will connect to I pad air' great learning tool.
Classic Leatherman multi tool
$40Classic Leatherman multi tool with case. The Wave
this is bostitch tool box. just
$80this is bostitch tool box. just need some cleaning and TLC
I'm not sure if I even want to
$800I'm not sure if I even want to sell my board. I still use it and I'm in no rush at all to sell. I'm just keeping this post up just incase someone offers me the price I want. Please don't try to low ball me, I'll just end up ignoring you. Don't try to get me to lower the price because it's one gen behind the newest, my price is my price, I'll lower it when I want, good luck finding another evolve board around here. Sorry for being harsh, just want to get that through. what you get: The board(electric longboard/skateboard) Super fast charger T-tool Remote(I have the hand strap if you want it) Charger for the remote 3 cleaning brushes to clean the board Specs: -23mph -18mile range -17 pounds -Regen breaking -One wheel drive -350 watt of power 700 max output -Bamboo deck(super flex) -Super carve trucks You could do other quick searches for other specs. Let the games begin! Also about trades. I don't really like them but if you have something that you'll think I'll like, let me know. I'm interested in technology, basically high end stuff.
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Dewalt Tool box
$30Dewalt Tool box
We're moving offices and are
$75We're moving offices and are getting all new desks, and we have an office-worth of desks we are selling off. They're all in solid shape with some usual wear from use, and all perfectly usable. All can be adjusted for multiple heights. Some have two adjustable legs, others have 4 adjustable legs, all functional and I believe can be disassembled if you need to transport them that way (though I'll leave that up to your tools and skills). Dimensions of counter top are 47" x 32", with adjustable height. Currently we have: 12 BEKANT desks (birch top, rounded white siding, two white legs) 12 GALANT desks (birch, square edges, four individually adjustable silver legs) I'll do my best to update as they sell, though email me if you want an inventory update. These need to be sold by the end of this month before the move happens. Feel free to leave an offer, particularly if you would like to purchase multiple desks. Thanks! Here's the comparable desk that sells for almost $200: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S19006337/