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Four piece stainless BBQ cooking
$25Four piece stainless BBQ cooking tools
Live Garage Sale. 4635 Simms
$1Live Garage Sale. 4635 Simms Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033. Only Saturday (today) 8-2pm. LOOK for signs! Lots of wedding decor, vintage glasses cases jars dishes china, antiques, art, kitchen, furniture, washer & dryer, home decor, lawnmower, tools, women's clothing and more! In the photos are some of what we have. Below is a more detailed list. Wedding decor Art Dining Room Table Men's / Women's clothing Tables in different colors Tools Dog Pen (cloth material - not plastic) Couches Portable AC Unit Small Metal stand with drawers - about 3' high IKEA cabinet that folds out to store things in Entertainment center Garden Hose - brand new China Kitchen stuff Durable Boxes Some Tupperware Lamp Vases Very nice two person inner tube/raft Wooden Alter cross for wedding - about 6' tall This garage sale is Saturday ONLY.
Shower Me 'Private Urban
$85Shower Me 'Private Urban Retreat' Showerhead Brand new, still in box, never used. Retails at redfern $139.99 Multi directional shower head to fit any space and convert your shower into a spa. Create your own PRIVATE URBAN RETREAT 90 powerful no clog spray jets that are easily cleaned. No tools required. Fits any decore. $85 / obo
Tool box for full size pick up.
$125Tool box for full size pick up. Do not have key anymore new one is $20 at a locksmith. Works good. Opens from the sides.
Traktor Scratch A6, (2) Pioneer
$1000Traktor Scratch A6, (2) Pioneer CDJ 400's, Behringer DDM4000 (5 Channel Mixer w/ Midi) and Deck Saver covers for both CDJ's Everything here is in perfect condition with original boxes. The Traktor Scratch A6, (2) pioneer DJM 400 CDJ's with Deck Savers and Behringer ddm 4000 5 Chanel mixer with midi control are in pristine condition. I'm asking $1000 because of the condition and working order. At retail this would all cost $2150.00 + tax and shipping. This is literally a plug and play setup! Traktor is fully integratabtle with the mixer and CDJ's as well as any other setup that's similar. 2 Pioneer CDJ-400s: Digital Loop functions: A variety of loops can be created for additional audio effects. Beat Loop: Automatically creates a four beat loop based on the tempo of the music (BPM) being played. Loop Divide: Rhythmically divides the loop to create different patterns. Hot Loop: Restarts the loop seamlessly from its entry without interruption of the music. Digital Jog Break: In CD mode the CDJ-400 contains three effects, Jet, Roll and Wah, which further enhances the audio by simply rotating the jog dial. The same buttons for the Scratch Jog Effect are assigned to the Digital Jog Break which are accessible at any point of play. Tempo Control: Four tempo modes, ±6%, ±10%, ±16% and WIDE, provide additional speed control with a resolution of 0.02% in the 6% range. Cue/Loop Points: Up to 10 cue/loop points per disc, for up to 920 discs, can be stored to player's memory. Jog Indicator: A red halo illumination around the jog provides instantaneous visual feedback to the DJ. Customizable Jog Wheel: Users can create their own customized image to insert under the removable jog wheel top. Digital Output: A digital output is available for a direct connection for clearer sound to a connected mixer. Resume Function: The function takes effect if a CD is ejected accidentally. Once the DJ re-inserts the disc, it automatically starts playing from exactly the point where it stopped. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XYxFcu7r_sA Behringer DDM4000 (5 Channel Mixer w/ Midi): Jam-packed with incredibly-creative tools, the DDM4000 is a state-of-the-art 5-channel, 32-bit digital DJ mixer that includes: a beat-synchronized Sampler; 4 Multi-FX sections; 2 BPM counters; a Digital Ultracurve Crossfader; and a MIDI controller for your software – plus much more. In spite of this veritable treasure trove of features and functionality, the DDM4000’s intuitive layout will make you instantly feel at home – at first touch! Hook up your turntables and CD/mp3 players to its 4 stereo channels, each with fully-programmable EQ and Kill switches. Enjoy the ultimate versatility at your fingertips with the fully-programmable beat-sync’able Multi-FX modules, pair of high-precision BPM counters and ultra-smooth digital crossfader with custom curve adjustment. And the super-cool BPMsync’d sampler with real-time Pitch control, Loop and Reverse functions will have your crowd going absolutely wild! 32-bit digital DJ mixer with beat-synchronized sampler, 4 multi-FX sections, 2 BPM counters, digital crossfader and MIDI 4 Phono/Line stereo channels allowing up to 8 signal sources to be connected simultaneously 2 microphone inputs with Gain, EQ, Talk function and FX 4 stereo channels with Gain, programmable parametric 3-band EQ with Kill function, fader curve control and flexible crossfader assignment Fully featured MIDI controller for your DJ software Sophisticated sampler with beat-controlled loop function, real-time pitch control, sampler FX and crossfader start option 2 freely assignable and BPM-synchronized, high-quality FX engines (Bitcrusher, Resonator, Reverb, Flanger, etc.) Ultra-fast, and accurate BPM counters for automatic BPM synchronization of sampler, FX, crossfader and external drum machines, etc. via MIDI Digital crossfader with flexible curve adjustment, reverse button and automatic, BPM-synchronized crossfading Dual-mode crossfader with innovative frequency-selective crossfading Dedicated headphones section includes PFL mix/split and bass/snare boost functions Recall your last mixer setting at the push of a button Digital S/PDIF output for direct recording of your performance Rack mount brackets included for ultimate flexibility https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HiAR1d_eKcc Traktor Scratch A6: TRAKTOR SCRATCH A6 is the straight-up digital vinyl system for spinning MP3s using super-tight vinyl and CD control. The included TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 interface, timecode vinyl and CDs, and the flagship TRAKTOR software provide pro credentials at a very attractive price. TRAKTOR SCRATCH A6 is designed for DJs who need rock-solid performance, amazing audio quality and incredible ease of use.The included TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 software with Remix Deck™ technology allows for a new level of creativity - seamlessly merge the worlds of DJing and live performance. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fva3Npsh1LA
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Rockies tool box
$20Rockies tool box
Rose gold iPhone
Comes with
$425Rose gold iPhone Comes with replacement screen and tools for Cracked screen Other than that no scratches on back side or cracks anywhere else brand new without cracked screen
flaring tool kit
Negotiableflaring tool kit
Snap on tool cart
$150Snap on tool cart
all trade multi tool ,,and for
$25all trade multi tool ,,and for all