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Spectra S2 hospital grade double
$50Spectra S2 hospital grade double electric breast pump pink . $50 OBO. Comes with original box all you see. Has been sanitized!! Clean!! All parts can be used in a sanitizer. Used but in Good condition! Back flow protector prevents "100% of black flow moisture into the pump unit. Moisture entering pump unit can be a potential hygiene hazard." 12 suction levels, 5 cycle levels Quiet, for a breast pump Massage mode Night Light Timer with display BPA Free Dual pumping Comes with all you see. The only thing you need are standard bottles for emptying your milk (Medela brand, among some others, work with this pump!). These and other nursing accessories can be purchased at Target, Walmart, and some drug stores. You may purchase online from Spectra, but who wants to do that, lol?!?! Tags: breastpump, milk, baby, infant
I have some used Chevy parts and
$250I have some used Chevy parts and accessories for sale for$ 250.00 & if you want to purchase them now then definitely come and get Them now. today, and it's uh as is type of Deal OK and no check's at all Cash only and only Georgia residents,