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$80ONLY 2 OF THESE LEFT!!! MXR 5.1 Android TV Media Center, turns any TV into a smart TV/computer/Android(5.1) device. These are real from the manufacturer NOT the cheap generic boxes around that dont work. 100% Genuine product.This also comes pre-loaded with minimum 12+ apps & Kodi already configured for free Movies, including in theaters, Live TV, and Music plus much more as well as all 3 on demand so you can watch any TV series,including all seasons and every episode, any movie you can think of all free and 100% legal, This has the latest software/hardware & audio/video codecs for up to 4K TV's, full 1080P HD, Quad core CPU/a Pentacore GPU, very fast and smooth playback. Android works off open software so no need for jailbreaks simply plug into hdmi or rca, and you will need internet for it to work. That's it, Kodi is installed and already configured for live TV,movies,music, kids, whatever you can imagine, play games with its high speed with no lag. These are brand new in the box, I have opened them only to install all programs you could ever want, and to ensure everything is running properly, it's set up to self update. You can add anything you want and can save movies etc to USB or sd card, or play any media,photos etc you have on your TV thru usb/sd/cloud etc. Simple to use,works like an Android phone. Hbo,showtime,stars, to many to list, the movie and TV apps play HD and sd, cut the cost of cable for something much better, u get all the same channel's including premuim & PPV FREE. I've been using these 3 years plus and they just get better,no worries of it going away.
$80ONLY 2 OF THESE LEFT!!! The MXR 4K is an Android TV media player & turns any TV into a smart tv, operates on Android 4.4 software, has a quad core RockChip CPU and Pentacore Mail-GPU. This Android based media player is similar to apple TV or Amazon box but the huge difference between them is Android TV provides all media free. This box has multiple apps pre- installed so you can watch any TV show or movie you can think of free of charge. This includes live TV and movies still in theaters all in High Definition. Internet is required. The MXR TV BOX is optimized for up to true 4k video but will detect the tv it's connected to so it will play 1080,720, thru a simple hdmi connection or can even be connected to older tv 's thru rca cables. The box is very small in size but powerful like a mini computer. You can do anything you can on an android phone or computer like surf the web, email, play games, Skype and much more but the main draw is the high quality media play back. This includes the very popular Kodi app that allows you to play any movie, TV show or music on demand including live TV with premium channels and ppv all in HD. This device is new, in the box and is an original straight from the manufacturer not a cheap look alike sold on certain websites.I have opened the box only to install the multiple movie and TV apps that are all self updating and play the most current shows you can find all free. it also works well with apps like Netflix and Hulu or plex but I have installed everything you will need to watch anything you can possibly think of. Certain websites sell these boxes cheap and claim to be fully loaded but when you get them the 1 or 2 apps they do have are all out of date and most don't work but this is manufacturer direct and the real box with the best apps you could ever find. it's simple to use and set up to be used on TV screens. it's also easy to connect. simply plug in the power cord and connect the hdmi or rca cable and your ready to go. This box works well on wifi but an ethernet connection will always work best. you can literally cut thecost of cable as you will be able to findall tv channels including premium amd any movie or tv show you can ever think of on demamd and again apl in HD.