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2014 Ducati Monster 796

$80002014 Ducati Monster 796 I'm saying goodbye to my baby. This is a late 2014 Ducati 796, and the last Ducati Monster model to feature the dual sided tail pipe. Now both pipes are on the same side in all their newer models (booooo). Anyway, this has been a great motorcycle. It's been to Ducati Island twice (that's a MotoGP thing), I still even have the check-in loops on it. :) I'm parting with it to free up play money. I've kept it in my garage the entire time, and I actually purchased it in 2015 so its the very last of the 2014 two sided tail pipe inventory. There are two issues on it. One (common on this bike) is the right rear blinker. I hit it with my ankle while dismounting the bike and I cracked the junction. It's fairly minor to "patch up" but I've done this more than once so the superglue is starting to show. The other is on the rear license plate, there is a reflector and crack around the plate guard. I'm actually unsure what caused this. As far as use goes, All the miles have strictly been commuting miles. No track time, no tight cornering. The tires have been replaced at 4K miles with sport touring tires which were more appropriate for the highway. The KBB is at $8,635 for an Excellent Condition. Due to the two issues on it I've brought it down $635. Thats enough to get a whole new rear blinker and plate kit and install it
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