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This is the newest CoraLife
$375This is the newest CoraLife BioCube 14 all-in-one system with matching stand included.   I got this setup in December 2015 and loved it.  It was such a successful setup that the reef animals I started in this tank became much too large too quickly and I had to upgrade to a larger setup.   The whole tank and stand is only 4 months old and is in pristine condition. I have upgraded and modified the tank to maximum efficacy.  This setup will be a simple plug-and-play.  Everything is ready to go.  Add water, cycle the tank, and you can begin to add livestock.   Mods/Upgrades CoraLifeBioCube 14 (16 x 16 x 17) CoraLifeBioCube 14 matching stand (16 x 16x 29 black) Pump upgrade: Cobalt MJ900 Heater:  Neo-Therm 50W Lighting upgrade:  Dave's NanoBoxReef SemiLed Array V3 with Storm Controller Hydor-Koralia Nano Powerhead Hydor-Koralia SmartWave Wavemaker Media upgrade:  In-Tank Media Basket CoraLife protein Skimmer Submersible Refugium Lamp (actinic LED)     Total cost:  $875 I'm very particular about aesthetics, so nothing sticks out or hangs off the sides of the tank.   I was very neurotic about making sure the tank fit my contemporary design and had to be very minimalistic.  I am very surprised with how successful CoraLife has constructed this nano tank.  I truly wasn't expecting to have to upgrade to a larger system in 3 months.  Come and see for yourself.   The price I am asking is firm ($375).   Thank you for reading this rather long post.  Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Please be a serious and courteous inquirer. *NOTE: livestock seen in pictures NOT INCLUDED.  Pictures show my reef animals whilst in the tank.  The growth was unbelievable. Perfectly sized for an office or bedroom space.
speedy hitch camera
$100speedy hitch camera Portable wireless camera and monitor can be used with any vehicle Use for tight RV spaces or monitoring livestock or cargo Magnetized camera mounts almost anywhere -- no wiring necessary 300-foot optic range of camera monitor range from camera to monitor is 45 feet Includes carrying case and spare battery