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Volkswagen Jetta 
Obdii aba swap
$3600Volkswagen Jetta Obdii aba swap with unknown mileage. Recent timing belt, tensioner, water pump, plugs, coolant hoses, rad fan, radiator, wires, cap, rotor, alternator, full pcv system, lubro molly oil / Mann filter. Swap done correctly, full access to obdII diagnostics, engine runs perfectly with no issues. 28 to 32mpg 16v close ratio transmission with peloquin 80% dif kit, autotech short shift kit, usrt delrin bushings, throw out bearing, pinion seal and fresh synchromesh. Sachs Clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, clutch cable, and rear main seal have about 6k miles on them. New axle shafts as well. Coil-over suspension (not locked up or blown. ball joints, outer tierod ends, front and rear wheel bearings, front hubs, rear disk swap (Jetta gli) new pads and rotors all arround, radiator, starter and several associated parts.... All within the last 2 years. Interior is 6/10 mkiii party front seats, gli rear seats, Porsche steering wheel, 16v glove box, black door cards, carpet in need of a good cleaning or replacement, cracked dash, nice sounding radio with new speakers. Exterior 8/10 silver mist metallic (jambs also) paint is a solid 5 ft job,small imperfections up close but otherwise a very nice paint job. Shaved marker lights, passenger mirror, antenna, moldings, rear emblem, grafted in scoop in right fender, shaved trunk, reconditioned flairs, etc Faw Jetta tail lights. This jetta had some rust issues in the rockers, door bottoms, and floors. Most rust areas were cut out and new metal welded in; this car is not a bucket of bondo, but it is also not a southern car... Surface rust is starting to re appear in spots on the doors, and the underneath is rusty as well. This is not a super clean shell. After all it has covered over 500k miles in the salt belt. Extremely dependable (have done several 500 mile + trips with this car) well sorted out, Suspension is set up perfectly, the stance I was going for and no rubbing or issues out on the road and the correct dampening to not bounce your kidneys out. Makes a great daily driven car. Issues: No emergency brake (e brake pawl froze on left rear caliper),Blower motor does not function on highest setting, driver door sags when opened, passenger side front window scraper in poor shape, rain rails re built with new seals but not the best looking. Sunroof seal is in poor shape. It's not a concours show car by any means, but looks and performs fantastic for what it is, and holds its own at the vw shows. 15x8 et20 rotiform reps with like new tires included at $3600 $3150 with 13x5.5 et18 BMW turbine wheels and good tires $3000 if you bring your own wheels
Selling my Ferret Gizmo. He's
$550Selling my Ferret Gizmo. He's about 4 and a half months old and he needs a good home. I'm too busy with 2 jobs and tournament ball all weekend to give him the love and attention he deserves, I hate to give him up I really do he's a great little guy and he's so playful! He needs more time and I just can't give it to him unfortunately. Comes with the whole cage, hammock, water and food bowl, tunnel, litter corner (for bathroom), he is potty trained he only goes in his litter corner. Also a few toys. Everything is included in the price which is much cheaper than buying it all from the store and it's all only a month and a half old so everything is practically new. You'll also get a full bag of food, litter, bacon treats, his vitamin chew tube and smell spray and "lotion" spray.
Super cute purse, my lucky
$20Super cute purse, my lucky handbag. I got a job and a great bf while wearing this bag!
   Only wore for 2
$125LG G WATCH Only wore for 2 days. Still has protective film over screen and backing. Works with Android phones. I bought it for much more.. Works great. I realized my jobs to physical to wear a 200$ watch. I will not ship and I only deal in person and in cash. Thanks.