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Stick Vacuum by Dirt Devil
$15Stick Vacuum by Dirt Devil Lightweight for small jobs, converts from home to car vac, detachable, corded, 40" long, works good!
|Disclaimer- If you don't own a
$20|Disclaimer- If you don't own a controller but still want a modded one, just add the price of a normal controller and the custom job you want, if not bring your own. | I can professionally custom paint your gaming controllers. If you want to add 2 macros(remapped buttons) on the back of your controller I can only do it to a ps4 controller. Paint jobs take anywhere from 3-10 days. Modded jobs can take up to 14 days. Modded ps4 controllers (with macros on the back) will cost $50. Modded and with a paint job will cost $80. Normal controllers with just a paint job start at $20. For a job like the one on the photo it will cost around $30 We do Xbox 360 and one, PS3 and ps4, steam controllers, and more.