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Baby Brezza - Elite - Baby Food
$60Baby Brezza - Elite - Baby Food Maker It steams and blends! Manufactured in July 2014 Bought in October 2014 Used until January 2015 All parts accounted for, all washed with baby dish soap and hand dried Mon 6/29. $60 - Retail $100. Only bottled water was used in water reservoir, white lid and translucent mixer bowl show a little staining from orange veggies despite immediate washing after use. If you'd like to see it in action, search 'Baby Brezza Elite' in YouTube or Google! After 12 months of being a new mom, there are some things you must buy new and others you don't necessarily have to. Had I come across a previously owned maker, I would have bought it considering the short time it was used. When it was used, it did a great job! We loved it and would buy it again.