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It's a Dell XPS 710 Desktop for
$450It's a Dell XPS 710 Desktop for $450 that is in great condition. This is for all gamers. This is for all gamers. You can play DVDs and burn DVDs/CDs. It has extra bays for more optical or hard drives.  2.40Ghz Intel Quad Core 2 Duo Processor 1GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 555 Video Card with HDMI mini, 2 DVI,  1000GB hard drive 8GB of memory 1 Gigabit Ethernet Card 6 USB Ports 1394 FireWire Port HD Audio DVD Burner Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Microsoft Office 2016 Adobe CS6 MasterCollection Roxio DVD/CD burning software Adobe Reader 11 Avast Anti Virus 2016 Fruity Loops 10
Gateway ZX6961 SELLING FOR
$80Gateway ZX6961 SELLING FOR Parts/Restoration All-in-one touchscreen computer restored and lost software didn't wanna buy new software. You may do as you please with it.