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Get rid of cable, Netflix, hulu,
$80Get rid of cable, Netflix, hulu, rental movies, and dvd purchases with the firestick platinum kodi the best software; you can get every movie you ever want/wanted to watch even movies that are currently in theaters! You also can get any and all tv shows, and they come on once aired. Also you will receive ppv events for free and cable channels free (including NFL package and all other sports packages). U get all cable channels like HBO strarz Cinemax USA fox All this is for 80 that worth it over monthly charges from cable and streaming apps like Netflixs and the firestick presents more functions than them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So hurry! An buy and I guarante u will be satisfied . I also lend my service in customers support in case any one has questions or problem s sold over 100 and never had any complaints or returns everyone has been satisfied off them.......lot of questions wanted to answer them on here...1. You need wifi and hdmi port for a firestick to work 2. There's no membership or monthly payment on these everything is free
Mac computer no software. I
$50Mac computer no software. I don't know anything else about it
Lot Comes With Mic , Shock Mount
$350Lot Comes With Mic , Shock Mount , Noise isolation Booth,Hard Metal Mic Stand & Floor Stand ,Audio Technica Dynamic Headphones + Pop Filter , Leather Pouch , Gold Mix Extension and 1 Year Warranty ........ Mic Specs; Equipped with a USB output, the AT2020USB+ is designed for digitally capturing music or any acoustic audio source using your favorite recording software. The microphone offers the critically acclaimed, award-winning sound of the AT2020, with studio-quality articulation and intelligibility perfect for singer/songwriters, podcasters, voice-over artists, field recorders, and home studio recorders. The AT2020USB+ features a built-in headphone jack with volume control that allows you to directly monitor your microphone signal with no delay. It also offers mix control that blends microphone and pre-recorded audio. The microphone’s cardioid pickup pattern delivers excellent off-axis rejection, while its A/D converter with a 16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate ensures extremely articulate sound reproduction. Audio-Technica’s state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques ensure that the microphone complies with the company’s renowned consistency and reliability standards. P.S Mic Originally Cost 280$ And headphones 40$ Isolation Shield Cost 120$ Pop Filter 20$ Floor Stand 50$ Shock mount 20$ Here's a link to some music I've created With this Equipment http://youtu.be/KjDWtZOmWxQ