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**still available** 2004 Silver
$3895**still available** 2004 Silver Chrysler Sebring Convertible. 2.7 liter engine. Leather seats. Brand new paint job. New timing belt and water pump. New injectors. New o2 sensors. New thermostat. New housing. New hydraulics for the convertible top. New lower ball joints. 160k miles. A/C, CD player, cruise control. Drivers seat is worn from use. Automatic. Manual latch system for the top but the top itself opens automatic by switch. Large trunk. Runs great.
-changed the timing belt
$800Pros: -changed the timing belt (recently) -changed the engine (recently) -runs good and great on gas -under $150 worth of work needs to be done including minor cosmetic issues Cons: -needs power steering pump replaced ($60) -spark plugs need to be replaced ($30) -thermostat housing has crack in top hose ($19) -its a lil over 250 thousands miles on it