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150 gallon fish tank ,aquarium
$600150 gallon fish tank ,aquarium ,reptile tank ... everything included.. thermometer, air pump, dexor,rena canister filter, lids,lights, solid wood custom stand. black. 4 doors. lots of open space under. it is also hard wired for all plugs under, and switches on outside to control! ! very nice! ! have drift wood you can have with it too incase you do cichlids .. empty and ready for a new home! 150 gallon full set up, hard wired 8 outlets under solid wood stand with switches to control the outlets on outside, side!! makes for convenience! !. 4 doors, decor,driftwood,thermometer, air pump,rena canister filter is easy ti clean and has different heads for different flows, filter keeps very clean with even a large load of cichlids!! lids lights, back up battery with 4 outlets incase of power outtage. located in palmetto 600 or reasonable offer