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I call this my Disco ball
$25I call this my Disco ball bowl... doesnt it look like one! made in India... easy to clean..and Pratical. 14 round x 4 high
This one is My Cabbage bowl.
$30This one is My Cabbage bowl. OMG... isnt it Fab!!! I love silver and Shiny!!! 19 long x 10 wide x 6 high. Just plop in on your counter and fill it with fruit!!# ... not now... fruit aint so good now... but think ahead!
I don't know what it is, what's
$5I don't know what it is, what's it's used for, or why I have it. colors are nice tho! 4 inches round and runs on 3 AAA batteries
Plaster plant stand.
20 high x
$20Plaster plant stand. 20 high x 10.5 octagon candles not includedπŸ˜†
13 inch round wooden clock by
$2013 inch round wooden clock by Timeworks. This thing is sooo Italian! can ya tell it was my Mothers?! Runs on a single AA battery.
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Royal Haegar Mother and Child.
$50Royal Haegar Mother and Child. Ceramic with White Sand finish. 13 long x 12 high x 5.5 wide... Almost Vintage..and in perfect condition. altho a bitch to clean!
Painted white copper tub😣.
$40Painted white copper tub😣. 14 high x 27 long x 13 wide. Bought the stuff to take the paint off.. who has time ?! just flood it with dirt and flowers and call it a day!
French Boat shaped Appolia
$25French Boat shaped Appolia Bakeware. 16 long x 10.5 x 4 cobalt blue in excellent condition
The Happiest Stoneware dinner
$45The Happiest Stoneware dinner set ..Bet!! 4 - 11.5 dinner plates 4- 9 inch dessert/salad plates 4- 6 round x 3.5 soup bowls 4 - 5 high x 3.5 round coffee mugs Sweet and Colorful!!! Eat and be Happy!!!
A Set of 4 Glorious Terracotta
$50A Set of 4 Glorious Terracotta purely Decorative Plates embellished with brass and metal. Fab to the tenth degree!! larger one is 11.5 round and the other 3 are 9 round.
Brass Serving Spoon marked
$5Brass Serving Spoon marked Siam. 9.5 long x 3 Nice twisted Stem.
Heavy Wrought Iron Wine
$50Heavy Wrought Iron Wine Rack. Nice Half moon with Glass shelve. 40 inches tall x 23 wide x 6.5 deep...nice pad feet. Can hold 30 bottles of wine with no effort! Trust me!! I drank them!πŸ’ͺ
Fabulous Faux Crassula plant.
$35Fabulous Faux Crassula plant. 26 high and Very green. 8 high resin pot x 12 round with River rock. the dust is free!😚
14 x 13 x 3 Wood and tile
$1014 x 13 x 3 Wood and tile Tray. Fruit Motif..What's with me and trays?!..πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Ceramic Watering can with Brass
$22Ceramic Watering can with Brass spout. Made by Nantucket. 14 Long x 8 high x 8 round awesome colors..and will do the job!
2 Vintage Chili pepper stove
$182 Vintage Chili pepper stove tops. Metal. each is 20 x 11 .Wicked Cool..but dont need them any more...got a new stove. Use them for decoration!
Ming like Vase. Excellent
$40Ming like Vase. Excellent condition! Looks hand painted. Could be a real one for all I know! 13 high x 7 round
Very colorful  ceramic mini
$12Very colorful ceramic mini bowls and Saucers. Made in Portugal for Crate & Barrel. Saucers are 6 3/4 bowls are 2 high x 4 round
Wooden crate with the bestest
$18Wooden crate with the bestest handles! 22 long x 14 deep x 12 high