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Fitness Ball.  55cm ball.  New -
$10Fitness Ball. 55cm ball. New - in original packaging.
Size 7 women's 
New Nike Air Max
$60Size 7 women's New Nike Air Max Tailwind Retails for $110
Nivea creme 
travel size
$1Nivea creme travel size
*PRICE REDUCED!! * Brand new for
$15*PRICE REDUCED!! * Brand new for seniors! They are all from Herff-Jones. One is a drawstring bag that says seniors. The 2nd Item is a senior moments book, allows for pictures, senior cards, signatures, places to comment on your senior year of school. Would make a great gift for any upcoming senior or s current senior. Selling together.
New Yoga and Pilates
$10New Yoga and Pilates
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Fila Skates, new, worn at home
$45Fila Skates, new, worn at home few times. Retails for $179.95. Auto Adaptive Structure. Protection available in 3 pieces set. Contains elbow-, knee-, and wrist protectors. .
Stirrup Ankle brace, Air cells,
$13Stirrup Ankle brace, Air cells, Pre-inflated, comfortable, excellent condition, retails for $25
Billy blanks boot camp program.
$20Billy blanks boot camp program. 3 levels to progress.
Billy blanks workout VHS. Each
$5Billy blanks workout VHS. Each one of those are 44 and 45 minutes. Asking for $5/each in cash
If I Stay Collection by Gayle
$15If I Stay Collection by Gayle Forman which includes If I Stay and Where She Went in paperback. PU in Manassas.
Complete upper body workout &
$10Complete upper body workout & AB's. Easy to set up & switch to other positions (or different door way). Doesn't cause any door damage & supports up to 300lbs! Includes a workout & nutrition guide, & AB Straps. Great for complete workout with not alot of space to workout.
New Royal posture
$5New Royal posture
Life Fitness 95ci upright
$400Life Fitness 95ci upright bike I lost the Power cord
Ab Lounger
$20Ab Lounger
John Peterson - Lies. 10 songs
$5John Peterson - Lies. 10 songs on one CD
Child tracker
$30Child tracker
Bradford Exchange NASA
$10Bradford Exchange NASA collector's plate. "The Eagle Has Landed" 25th Anniversary of Apollo 11. Comes with plate and COA.
3 Stephanie Meyer Twilight
$83 Stephanie Meyer Twilight series hardback books. Twilight, Breaking Bad, and Eclipse. All in good shape. 8.00 for all 3 books or 3.00 each.
Take 30% off listed Items every
$45Take 30% off listed Items every 2nd & 4th Fri or Sat of month! First paying customer gets the item. DP: Go Meter! 👏 🚴 Upright Stationary Bicycle: A Collectors Item!! 👉 Disclosure: Due to age and inactivity, the meter LED sometimes doesn't have clarity of info on screen. It registers clearly at will. Keep your body and heart in shape - right in your home. Space friendly. Even get in an upper body workout while working the legs and heart. They don't sell this classic cycle anywhere, why not make this one yours. 👉 Good, condition! Well kept, with a few minor cosmetic defects (I.e. Outer wheel encasement has a few broken spokes; meter box needs remounting; seat cover has a small tare; rubber handle grips has a small tare; a few loose joints needs to be tightened). About Air-Gometer An exercise bicycle is a special-purpose machine that is always stationary and therefore not used for transportation. This equipment is exclusively intended for exercise and training purposes. Magnetism, friction, and fanning methods are generally used in these machines for increasing the friction so as to build up the resistance to the movement of the pedals. This feature increases the intensity of the exercise and allows for diverse training methods. Airgometer exercise bicycles are very popular especially among those with a strong inclination for improving their fitness. A typical Airgometer bike has a large wheel in the front, two handle poles for grip, an adjustable seat at the back, and pedals below it, which are used for the high intensity workout. There is generally a digital display for monitoring calorie levels, pulse rate, time, and distance. This design structure makes this bike multi-functional and it can be used for such purposes as low-impact cardiovascular exercise, beating obesity and training for racing events. A good aerobic workout is provided by Airgometer exercise bicycles. However, there is not much balancing or coordination required when using these exercising equipments. These sturdy bicycles occupy hardly any space and are easily movable. There is little effort required for providing maintenance for these excellent exercise bicycles. These high performance machines are well-designed, and a lot of effort is made to ensure that they are of the best possible quality. Therefore, the Airgometer exercise bicycle is in great demand online and in stores specializing in the sale of physical fitness equipments.