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Hi everyone, I am selling one
NegotiableHi everyone, I am selling one bike systems bikehud Serial No 08/30/2014. My husband bought it for $400 and never used it, Amazon sells this for 499.99$ new and used price 380.99$. He not riding much theses days, I will be listing his bike soon. Our lost your gain. No low balling. please view my other listings. I sell new and used items. If you like go pro, this is the top of the line! View photos. Comes with booklet set. Description: BikeHUD by Bike Systems Bike HUD is an audio-visual heads-up display for motorcyclists that display's key information inside the helmet eliminating the need to look down at instruments while riding. BIKEHUD's agenda is to keep the rider looking ahead, continuously monitoring his/ her environment and allowing to scan for hazards ahead and behind with minimal interruption. BIKEHUD is designed to work on the periphery. Peripheral vision is good at sensing movement rather than detail. Therefore the display is colourful, simple block-type. Take for example the speed indicator. In relative terms speed digits are around 12 - 16″ high when compared at the standard position. The user-definable speed bands can be colour-coded which means peripheral vision picks up the change of colour as the rider accelerates/ decelerates - allowing focus to be maintained on emerging hazards ahead. In standard mode BIKEHUD operates on the rule of three. Only three key pieces of data are displayed at any one time keeping the display simple and un-cluttered. Risk of distraction is kept to an absolute minimum. The display comes with two default layouts - Standard and Track. Track has additional displays for lap times, sectors etc so you can clearly see how you are performing at any time on track. Not even the MotoGP riders have this kind of instant information available to them. Bike HUD has been crash tested to European helmet test regulation standard UN ECE R22.05. BikeHUD fits ALL motorcycles that have a 12V wiring circuit. Whats in the box? - HBMC (Handlebar Mounted Case) - Pendant and Monocle - Bike-HUB on-board computer - HDMI cable - Bracket - Cable ties - Pack of sundries - Medical data carrier Motorcycle Head Up Display Designed and manufactured in the UK Will fit onto any Motorbike With the new custom mounting service we can fit 90% of all Helmets Provides you with all the information you need in your peripheral vision Product Information Brand BIKESYSTEMS Manufacturer reference BH01 Manufacturer Part Number BH01 Voltage 12 volts Additional Information ASIN: B00KK14SQ6 Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars 3Reviews Best Sellers Rank: 781750 Shipping Weight: 998 g Date First Available: 31 May 2014 Go pro, camera, video recorder, motor cycle, bike, trike, car, suv, van, unicycle, rider, iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet, electronics, geeky, geek squad, recorder, photos, hiking, motor gear.