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One Fast Computer that does not
$500One Fast Computer that does not slow down at least for the past 6 months. The coolest internet cruise the aspiring entreprenuer could appreciate although a gamer could tweak have you heard of untapped extra cores in the older intel cpus? Comes with a Boomin system and $400 JBL PRO STUDIO SPEAKERS AND SUBWOOFER powered by Yamaha amp. and a custom laotop that retailed over 2000 when new Toshiba Satellite L75-S7105 its not easy to find specs youll need customer service and up to date I am selling this power station with the XFEUbuntu operating system awesome for chat I have the extended keyboard USB by lenovo ,USB mouse, Logitech mic and a plug and play freetalk camera. all this for the Laptop was over two grand it wasn't used much until this year it can take more ram I think it's on 8GB now and HD 750GB I can throw in some extra cables HDMI and a VGA