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Read if your serious on saving
$300Read if your serious on saving $$$$ I'm not trying to sell you a dream or a lie all I am doing is I can gaurantee to save you $50 to $170 per month with my stream smart. People don't be fooled by those cheap Firesticks,Cheap android boxes,Roku,Mk boxes,Mx boxes etc etc I guarantee and can prove my streamer is the best in the market I dare any Firestick seller or any streamer reseller to do a side by side demo $500 bet my STREAMSMART beats anything $500 bet,I just don't talk to talk ,I have proven dozens and dozens of resellers wrong. We offer warranty and money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the service and my tech support,yes money back gauranteed ,after 2 weeks of purchase if you are not satisfied just return the Streamsmart box in perfect condition in its original packaging and get your money back!!!! People time to start saving $$$$ ,last year I saved over $2700 just on cable,Netflix ,red box and PAYPERVIEWS( taking in accountingu I would have purchased about 7 PAYPERVIEWS las year). Sports:You will get every Payperview event for free in HD,you will get every sporting event free NBA league pass,NFL red zone,NHL center ice,All your MLB games,Wwe network,NFL network,NHL network ,MLB network,UFC CHANNEL ,ESPN,Fox sports, etc etc pretty every sports channel in the world. Live TV:You will. Get your popular cable TV channels for free, AMC,A&E,Syfy,HGTV,E!,History,discovery,USA,spike,VH1,HBO,Cinemax,Encore,Showtime,Starz,Cartoon Network,Disney,Nickelodeon etc etc etc. We offer over 200 Spanish channels ,channels from all over the world. Movies,TV shows,cartoons: We have every movie even in theaters ,every TV show up to latest episode,Almoat every cartoon ever with every single episode,Every Anime show ever with current episodes. We have libraries full of content,concert,comedy show etc etc etc just much to list. Every adult channel you can imagine (it has parent control). What ever you read is just the tip of the iceberg this box is truely unbelievable. And yes this hands down beats the firestick ,mx box,roku,Apple TV and any other streamer in the market I gaurantee it and make a $500 wager my Streamsmart is better doing a side by side demo vs any product $500 bet. OUR PROGRAMMERS JUST ADDED OUR OWN PERSONAL TV GUIDE!! You need to understand we have a whole tech team behind our product ,over 10 programmers always improving our software,I'm not uploading these boxes at home with KODI. I will never need to charge $$$$ to do a OTA update on your box ,I will never charge you $$$$$ to add more ADDons ,you will never need to chase me to do all that manually ,we have our own private servers so we do this remotely this the beauty of Streamsmart. We offer 3 premium Addons that with those other cheap devices you need to pay for with us it's free free free. Channel Up : this cost $18 a month but with our Streamsmart you have a free life time subscription free free,WE JUAT ADDED A TV GUIDE FOR CHANNEL JUST ADDED BY OUR TECH TEAM. Channel up is your best if the best option for live TV in HD nothing is better then channel up. SPORTS ACCESS: this ADDON you need to $15 a month but all our stream smart customers get it for free free free,this ADDON is the best of best for all all all your sports games in HD NBA MLB NHL NFL ,soccer wrestling etc etc etc. Final but not least our tech support is like no other,I offer you my personal tech support,we have Awsome tech support group on Facebook which most our programmers are the admins and always have answers for our questions,we have a VOXER supports group,we have a official website and forum for all your questions. I will give a 2 week money back guarantee if you don't like or if the box doesn't fit your need ,money back gauranteed. Call or text me if interested or have any questions 708-257-8652 Well we offer more more more.. Check out my Streamsmart page https://m.facebook.com/groups/910081802386522?ref=bookmarks 300 one time deal no monthly payments ever.If you have decent to good internet it will work. I'm giving a 3 week trial if not satisfied get your money back guaranteed but if you have Decent to good internet I'm pretty sure you won't return it. There is no streamer that can beat my Streamsmart I can prove it ,if you have questions call me 708-257-8652.