50 items matching computers near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vtech baby bear computer
$5Vtech baby bear computer
Computer Geek Special 2 IMac
NegotiableComputer Geek Special 2 IMac computers, head phones and keyboards, perfect for the person who know the value and how to update the software
Numark turntable
$60Numark turntable converter...like new Transfer records from turntable to computer & or cd
Dell Computers Zippered Storage
$3Dell Computers Zippered Storage Case. Can hold software, power supplies, small electronics and cords. Great condition.
Tv/computer desk/bar unit or
$50Tv/computer desk/bar unit or what ever you want. Excellent condition height 77 inches with 38 inches depth 21 inches has a top shelf enclosed in glass with the light bottom has three shelves enclosed in glass as well. Moving and must sell what 95 but I will take best offer
New HP DDS-3 Data Computer
$8New HP DDS-3 Data Computer Cartridge. 24 GB capacity. C5708A. Sealed in manufacturer packaging.
12" HP computer monitor, works
$2012" HP computer monitor, works fine
14" HP computer monitor, works
$2014" HP computer monitor, works fine
13" Compaq computer monitor,
$2013" Compaq computer monitor, works fine
HP desktop computer, N series.
$400HP desktop computer, N series. AMD quad core processer, 8gb DDR3 ram, 500 GB hard drive. Includes keyboard, mouse, 20" hd moniter and 3.1 sound system. Sd card reader and 2 front USB and 4 back.
ACER Computer Tower 4 USB
$300ACER Computer Tower 4 USB Connectors, DVD/ DVD Burners, Keyboard, Monitor and Dell Moniter, Tower fully loaded!
Logitech Computer Mouse. Usb
$1Logitech Computer Mouse. Usb
Dell Computer with mouse and
$100Dell Computer with mouse and keyboard /White Xbox 360
Knock off ihome. Can be used
$5Knock off ihome. Can be used with iPhone 4 or previous generations, also works as computer speakers, you can connect with an aux cable
Power supply for gateway 4026
$5Power supply for gateway 4026 computer
19" LCD Computer Monitor with
$2019" LCD Computer Monitor with DVI & VGA INPUTS minimum $10
Two Brand New Hewlett Packard
$400Two Brand New Hewlett Packard computers/ cash only(,No) Checks

$50ALL BOXES ARE $50 EACH NEW MXQ ANDROID G-BOX FOR SALE. I also deliver if not to far NO MONTHLY FEES EVER!!!! 2 year warranty and guarantee All all boxes are $50 1) The new mxq boxes have everything that u need. You will have everything you need you will not need cable ever again. 2) this gives you every movie and tv show ever made, from old to current movies in theaters. This automatically updated its self all day everyday so you always get the newest episodes and movies to watch. 3) You will get free payper view with this so as soon as the fights come on you can watch them for FREE!!!!! 4) This box comes with a Google playstore in it so you can download music and movies and also play games on your tv just like you would on your phones. 5) These come with sd slots so you can load what you want onto it. 6) the best part. (THESE HAVE AN INTERNET BROWSER) so you can use ur tv just like the internet and go online with no problems at all. Just push the intenet icon and you can surf the web just like a tablet or computer/laptop. 7) Another good thing is you don't need a flat screen for these. they will come with HDMI CORDS for flat screen tvs and the AV CORDS for regular tube tvs. So anyone can use these . 8) All you need is wifi, or internet cord ,or you can use a hotspot from your phone and it will all work perfectly. Inbox me for any questions and I'll answer them all. 9) All you have to do is connect it to your tv, then connect it to your wifi and then you are good to go. These boxes are not complicated at all. Boxes are $50 EACH
New Dell computer 20" touch
$300New Dell computer 20" touch screen all in one
Intel Desktop Board
NegotiableIntel Desktop Board USNB837005SA AA E34877 - 405 01CC0 7AF288 DG43NB DIMM RAM 3x PCI Slots 3x PCIEX1 1xPCIE2 6xSATA Foxconn onboard audio ude onboard ethernet Foxconn onboard USB and firewire port Onboard video Cooling for CPU plus heatsink included w/ Intel Pentium Dual-core CPU E5300 SLGTL Costa Rica 2.60HZ /2M / 800 / 06 3941B315 I have Ram in computer towers available as well and to please ask if you have any questions. thank you , Brandon