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1980 Teak Credenza desk. It is
$301980 Teak Credenza desk. It is two separate pieces. In the photos the piece that the computer is sitting on sits over the top of the part facing the window (if this makes sense;) 2 piece desk. There is a break in the wood along the edge, I added the photo of it so you can see.
(2x1) TWO services for the price
$85(2x1) TWO services for the price of ONE! Until Sunday. Over 15 years Experience as an IT Specialist Valid through February 14 Bring 2 computers OR one computer that needs two services (laptop or desktop) and pay just one price ($85)  Each service can be one of these: - System restore - Removing viruses - Hardware upgrade o - Lcd replacement (labor) I can get the part for you (payment for the part in advance) or you can bring it. - Hard drive replacement -Other (Backup is not included) 24 hours service.