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iMac Apple 21.5" 8gb TB
NegotiableiMac Apple 21.5" 8gb TB Computer, this is late 2013, I purchased in 2016, I am the original owner, have original box. This computer has been great for me, perfect for all the big things and those little things you depend on a computer to do. I bought this to do graphic editing and some music recording, I never did as much as I may have wanted. Besides the iPhone, this was my very first venture into Mac. And while I have been a fan, the primary things I need to do at this time, is focus on work and I have some great pcs which integrate better for work. This has an i5 - all the bells and whistles, and had been owned by someone who has looked after and taken very good care of it. My IT and Mac expert is coming by to clean everything off and get it ready for a new owner. Haven't had any issues with it, but wouldn't expect to. I am sure i could dig up my original receipt which was just shy of a year ago and around 1150, Would be glad to let you check out or deliver. It has had the anti glare, sharp color monitor, and up until yesterday I had all the original parts that came in original box were here. After having someone stop by to check it out, the prospect tried it out, and upon leaving him unattended for 2 minutes, I came back to discover, he must have had his eyes set on part of the computer which happen to be keyboard and mouse. This has been escalated and currently have spare mouse and keyboard plugged in. Would be willing to consider any offers someone would like to make, however, I can't take anyone offering $50 very seriously. Also, if you wan to know about my western union payment options - I don't accept western union - sorry. I think...
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