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fully loaded liquid cooling
$250fully loaded liquid cooling computer idk about computers so take a look at it see if there's something cool 250 is the starting price if I should go lower or higher let me know or just buy the whole thing for parts
I am selling my HP pavilion g7 g
$250I am selling my HP pavilion g7 g series notebook pc has all keys on keyboard screen it's clear no scratches the only thing is I don't have a battery to it anymore because I gave the battery to my cousin and I do not have the second piece to the charger but it is a excellent laptop I have used it without the battery just plug the charger up but family member took the other part of the charger so I'm no longer with the whole charger but I use Photoshop on the computer and it has wonderful setting. I am asking 250 but I really love this laptop and I'm sure you will fall in love with it too let me know if you're interested in it or any information that you're looking for on the laptop I'll be more than happy to disclose any information that you are looking for thank u
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