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Kagome action figure with bow
$25Kagome action figure with bow and arrow Due to overwhelming demand and a short production run Inuyasha series 1 figures sold out across the country.
Marvel&DC comics set of 16
$60Marvel&DC comics set of 16
Dell comics 3 Walt Disney comics
$20Dell comics 3 Walt Disney comics 1940
Dell comics 3 Woody Woodpecker
$20Dell comics 3 Woody Woodpecker 1940
Dell comics 5 Bugs Bunny from
$30Dell comics 5 Bugs Bunny from the 1940
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X-Men/ Superman Collectibles

$100X-Men/ Superman Collectibles 7 X-Men/Superman comic books, Big poster, Superman Bookmark, and article. Preowned in EXCELLENT NEW CONDITION.
XMen anniversary issue #25
$10XMen anniversary issue #25 Hologram
large Batman figure with folding
$10large Batman figure with folding wings
X-men comics $$sale$$

5 dollars
$5X-men comics $$sale$$ 5 dollars each comic X-men #1 cover of 3of 4 Rogue mini series 4of 4
batman signet book ,  spider man
$50batman signet book , spider man the venom factor marvel comic book by Diane Duane missing cover and 35th edition overstreet comic book priceguide message me if interested in other similar collectors items.
Iron Fist "Carousel" Comic Strip
$25Iron Fist "Carousel" Comic Strip Shoes US SIZE 7 Blue Gray Black Rockabilly EUC
Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1
$8Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1 DC Comics Like new, never read. 1st printing.
Superman Rebirth #1 DC
$14Superman Rebirth #1 DC Comics Brand new in mint condition. 1st printing.
Milestone / DC Comics Hardware
$3Milestone / DC Comics Hardware #17 (Worlds Collide) Part of the Worlds Collide story arc in which the DC Universe and Milestone Universe connected. A rare series to find!
1$ each comic about 25 comics
$11$ each comic about 25 comics
JLA justice league of america
$1JLA justice league of america comics
1-3 issues all variant covers
$51-3 issues all variant covers etc 5 dollars each 5$ comics each or if u want one comic den u get variant prices all my comics variants
Scooby doo comic book n cartoon
$12Scooby doo comic book n cartoon network books
45 comics total
$145 comics total