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Collectors comic books . 100
$200Collectors comic books . 100 comics $2 a piece , great deal , DC,Marvel
3 comics
$153 comics
12 DC Shazam comic books. Issues
$4512 DC Shazam comic books. Issues 1 through five, mark 19 20 22 24 27 29 31. comic books range in Good to Fine condition. X-Posted
Vintage D.C. Comic post cards
$10Vintage D.C. Comic post cards set Includes 80 of the original 100
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Funko Pop Collection For
$899Funko Pop Collection For Sale All Pops for sale only, No Trades Shipping in the US $7 per Pop and $2 each additional Pop. All Subscription boxes, 2 packs, Rides and 6" pops are $10 Shipped Some come with Pop Protectors. The ones that have them in the pics will ship with them. I have individual pics of everything so just ask if you want to see something. WWE/WWF: WWE John Cena - $7 WWE John Cena (Orange/Green) - $10 WWE Exclusive John Cena (Black Pants) $65 WWE Toys R Us Exclusive New Day 3pack- $34 WWE Macho Man Randy Savage - $14 FYE Exclusive Macho Man Randy Savage Purple - SOLD WWE Target Exclusive Ric Flair - $13 WWE Bray Wyatt - SOLD WWE Seth Rollins - SOLD WWE Sheamus - $24 WWE Target Exclusive Rowdy Roddy Piper - $14 WWE Andre The Giant - $9 WWE Brie Bella - $8 WWE Exclusive Bella Twins 2 Pack -SOLD WWE Exclusive Bella Twins 2 Pack Black-SOLD WWE 2K16 Stone Cold Steve Austin -SOLD WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin - $15 WWE Paige - $13 WWE Hulk Hogan - $14 WWE Bret The Hitman Hart - SOLD WWE Kevin Owens - SOLD WWE Eva Marie - SOLD UFC Ronda Rousey - SOLD ARROW: ARROW Oliver Queen - $8 ARROW The Arrow - $8 ARROW - Deathstroke - $9 ARROW - Felicity Smoak - $7 THE FLASH - Flash $10 STAR WARS: STAR WARS - FN-2199 - $9 STAR WARS - JABBA The Hut *imperfect box* - $7 STAR WARS - Gamestop Exclusive Darth Vader Force Choke - $16 STAR WARS - TFA Chewbacca - SOLD STAR WARS - TFA Han Solo - SOLD STAR WARS - Luke Skywalker (Bespin) - $9 STAR WARS - First Order Stormtrooper - $8 STAR WARS - Kylo Ren - $9 STAR WARS - Kylo Ren Unmasked -$8 Duck Dodgers - K9 - SOLD SCOOBY DOO: Scooby Doo - SHAGGY - $7 Scooby Doo - $10 Scooby Doo - FRED - $8 Gemini "Flocked" Scooby Doo - SOLD GHOSTBUSTERS: Ghostbusters Slimer - SOLD Ghostbusters Dr. Peter Venkman - SOLD Ghostbusters Dr. Raymond Stantz - $8 DISNEY: Amazon Exclusive Cinderella Shimmering - $14 DC COMICS: DC PX Previews Exclusive New 52 Superman - $10 DC Cyborg - $8 DC Robin - $9 DC Supergirl - SOLD DC Black Manta - $5 DC Aquaman Dawn of Justice - $6 MARVEL: Marvel Civil War 4 Pack - $16 MCC Exclusive Leaping Deadpool -SOLD Gamestop Exclusive Black Widow w/Shield - $10 SDCC Exclusive Doctor Strange Rune - $26 Walgreens Exclusive Punisher Nemesis- $7 *imperfect box* Walgreens Exclusive Punisher Thunderbolts - $10 HORROR: Freddy Krueger - $9 Hot Topic Exclusive Bride of Chucky - $15 Predator - $10 Aliens - Ellen Ripley - $9 Alien - $7 6" Alien Queen - $16 Pinhead - $9 Hot Topic Exclusive Jason Part 5 Blue - $14 Hot Topic Exclusive GITD Pinhead - $10 POP RIDES: Director Coulson with Lola - 30 COMPLETE SUBSCRIPTION BOXES: Legion of Collectors VILLAINS - $35 Star Wars TFA Smugglers Bounty - SOLD
$1695 STRING JT55 BASS GUITAR SPECIAL A REAL BASSISTS GUITAR - SOUNDS GREAT - MUST SELL BEST OFFER HERE - I HAVE ENOUGH TO PLAY WITH - CASH TALKS $$$ USE IT - ALL IT NEED S IS ONE NEW D- string AND A NEW OWNER -----+++++++++++++++++ Bass bassist and drummer boy still drums drum set Ibanez squire SQUIER STRAT STRATOCASTER TELECASTER BLASTER EPIPHONE to get them with the phone iPhone Android Nokia blackberry windows laptop electric guitar electronic money clothes coat chain strings jewelery Jackson charvel marvel comic book artist and I can't u amp amplifier CD player mp3 acoustic beginner pro professional pedal drum set Ibanez squire 4 string 6 string Jay Turser 5 String toddler bed tonight heads Tom's hi hats gym treadmill Equipment maintenance experience using an order online pine redwood CherryWood stain finish vacuum chair furniture as well and teach people new systems that I've used Gym Franchises sold out phones g2 g3 g4 g5 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 3g 3gs 4g 4s 5 5s 6 6s 7s
Baseball and sport superstar
$3Baseball and sport superstar comics including babe Ruth, Isaiah Thomas, Larry bird, Michael Jordan , Willie mays and more! $3 each or make me an offer for all total 23
*^+*+*+*+*^* SPECIAL !!!!!!!! 5
$79*^+*+*+*+*^* SPECIAL !!!!!!!! 5 String Bass JT55 CUSTOM MAKE OFFER PRICED FOR QUICK SALE . No scammers please.. **+*+*+*+*ROCK BOTTOM PRICES -CLOSE5 SUCtKS ALL SCAMMERS - REALL PEOPLE AND MESSAGES PLEASE!!! MUST SELL *+*+*+* TODAY!!!!!! BEST REASONABLE OFFER TAKES IT TODAY! SEND CASH OFFERS --- JT5 SPECIAL TRI-PICK UPS CHERRY WOOD FINISH- GREAT BASS CASH TALKS LETS MAKE A DEAL ON A GREAT GUITAR Les Paul standard Time Jay Turser 5 String SPECIAL GIBSON FENDER JAZZ SPECIAL GOOD SOUNDING strat Stratocaster telecaster acoustic beginner pro professional pedal drum set Ibanez squire SQUIER STRAT STRATOCASTER and BC Rich Jackson charvel marvel comic book artist
Comic Books in Extremely Good
$150Comic Books in Extremely Good Condition! More than 90% of them are in protectors and have been since purchase! Moving sale. All must go! This is great for all collectors.
2 Wolverine Comics

$52 Wolverine Comics Condition: Very Good
3 Witchblade comic books 1
$353 Witchblade comic books 1 autograph and it's the one in the middle
Kids Pottery Barn Marvel Comics
$120Kids Pottery Barn Marvel Comics Full/Queen Size Embroidered Quilted Bedding.....is $229 at Pottery Barn Kids Always folded at the end of the bed, not slept with. No pets or smoke in this clean house. No drinks or food or even playing in the room! It's a navy comforter so it shows some lint, I use a sticky roller on it. It's been on his bed for about a year. Changing color of walls and the comforter. Pillows and sheets are not included.
A bunch of watches $20.00 for
$1A bunch of watches $20.00 for all. Tarzan books $20.00 for all. Comics $15.00 for all. Religeous picture $13.00.
assorted comics DC Comics and
$40assorted comics DC Comics and Marvel Comics all in good shape 70 comics
Lot of 25 annual comic books
$30Lot of 25 annual comic books All bagged and backed. In mint condition. Will be listing lots more. Check back.
All the walking dead comic
$150All the walking dead comic novels 1-26, Excellent condition
Amazing spider Man Variant
$300Amazing spider Man Variant Signature Edition CGC 9.8 Graded Comic.  With Stan Lee And Dan Scott signatures.... firm price please don't bother sending me another offer. . Thanks
Lot of 8 Comic Books
1. Vision
$30Lot of 8 Comic Books 1. Vision and the Scarlet Witch Marvel limited ed. 2. Web of Spider-man marvel 3. What If Spider-man's Clone lived? marvel 4. The Amazing Spider-man marvel 5. web of Spider-man marvel 6. X-force issue 1 marvel 7. Reign of the Supermen superman back for good DC 8m Spectacular Spider-man Annual part 2 marvel