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Vintage carved wood African
$32Vintage carved wood African face 14.5" tall x 5.5" wide
Marvel 1984 Secret Wars, Doctor
$25Marvel 1984 Secret Wars, Doctor Octopus, Mattel
Nice for the man cave....swivel
$100Nice for the man cave....swivel chair
Wwe hall of fame heenan family
$40Wwe hall of fame heenan family new sealed package never opened sealed box.. brand new
Red & orange Ninja Turtle. Both
$4Red & orange Ninja Turtle. Both for $4
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Cosmic Club Casper Neck Choker.
$15Cosmic Club Casper Neck Choker. Made of hand rolled comics. Never used. Still attached to storage pouch.
Flight comic books by kazu
$85Flight comic books by kazu kibuishi, complete set of volumes 1-8. All in excellent condition with the exception of volume 7, which was purchased at a library sale and is stamped (see photo 4). Great for any comic collector or anyone! Each cost 25.00 new originally!
Cosmic Club Casper Stretch
$10Cosmic Club Casper Stretch Bracelet. Hand rolled with comics. Never used. Still attached to storage pouch.
I have 50 wizard magazines
$50I have 50 wizard magazines comics
MeReader book sets.   Like new
$50MeReader book sets. Like new condition. $10 per set or $50 for all five sets, OBO. Reader turns the pages along with an electronic narrator reading the story. Thomas the train Sophia the first Marvel comics Star Wars Disney Pixar Located in Sterling.
17 vintage comic books. 1990s,
$9017 vintage comic books. 1990s, 1960s, 1950s. Buyer picks up.
Old Comics. 2 are The H.A.R.D
$50Old Comics. 2 are The H.A.R.D CORPS. And 1 is The INVENTOR The story of Tesla.
Collectors comic books . 100
$200Collectors comic books . 100 comics $2 a piece , great deal , DC,Marvel
3 comics
$153 comics
12 DC Shazam comic books. Issues
$4512 DC Shazam comic books. Issues 1 through five, mark 19 20 22 24 27 29 31. comic books range in Good to Fine condition. X-Posted
Vintage D.C. Comic post cards
$10Vintage D.C. Comic post cards set Includes 80 of the original 100
$1695 STRING JT55 BASS GUITAR SPECIAL A REAL BASSISTS GUITAR - SOUNDS GREAT - MUST SELL BEST OFFER HERE - I HAVE ENOUGH TO PLAY WITH - CASH TALKS $$$ USE IT - ALL IT NEED S IS ONE NEW D- string AND A NEW OWNER -----+++++++++++++++++ Bass bassist and drummer boy still drums drum set Ibanez squire SQUIER STRAT STRATOCASTER TELECASTER BLASTER EPIPHONE to get them with the phone iPhone Android Nokia blackberry windows laptop electric guitar electronic money clothes coat chain strings jewelery Jackson charvel marvel comic book artist and I can't u amp amplifier CD player mp3 acoustic beginner pro professional pedal drum set Ibanez squire 4 string 6 string Jay Turser 5 String toddler bed tonight heads Tom's hi hats gym treadmill Equipment maintenance experience using an order online pine redwood CherryWood stain finish vacuum chair furniture as well and teach people new systems that I've used Gym Franchises sold out phones g2 g3 g4 g5 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 3g 3gs 4g 4s 5 5s 6 6s 7s
Baseball and sport superstar
$3Baseball and sport superstar comics including babe Ruth, Isaiah Thomas, Larry bird, Michael Jordan , Willie mays and more! $3 each or make me an offer for all total 23