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Why You Should Shop Local Classifieds For Used Cars in Los Angeles

Buying a used car can be a challenge, and dealers rarely have the best price. Go to the classifieds first to buy local and you will get not only a better price, but also get more car, more accessories, and many other benefits. Buy from the owner directly for the easiest second-hand car transaction.

Get The Car’s History

The owner can tell you a lot more about the car’s history than can a dealer. They know how and where the car was driven, so you’ll know if those miles are highway or around town. They can also tell you whether it was a commuter car used daily or a pleasure vehicle that spent a lot of time in the driveway.

The owner can also tell you if the vehicle came from a place outside of Los Angeles. While the warm weather in Southern California means that there is little chance of rust, a car that came from the Midwest when the owner moved to California may already have started the rusting process. Knowing where it came from can keep you alert to all potential issues.

Upgrades and Accessories

Buying direct from the owner means you may get a bundle of extras along with the car. A trade-in is unlikely to come with the extra accessories that the pwner may have purchased for the car but never installed. That means you could get some brand-new, in the box upgrades that you can either install yourself or sell off to someone else, just so the owner can get them out of their own garage.

Previous owners many also have done after-market upgrades to the car, like rims or springs. When cars are traded in the owner may remove those parts prior to selling, but when the car is being sold directly those upgrades usually stay. That makes it a great value for you and means you don’t have to do those same upgrades yourself after purchase.

Know The Car’s Quirks

How does it handle in the rain? How are the brakes? Does it turn on a dime? You can ask real-world driving questions specific to that car of the owner, but a dealer probably hasn’t even been behind the wheel.

Shopping the classifieds means you get the little details from the actual owner and driver of the car that you can’t get any other way. That will help you make the right decision on your used car purchase.

Local classifieds are the best way to get a great value on cars for sale in Los Angeles. You’ll get the real story, extra upgrades, and pay less for the whole package.