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List of 20 Used and New Books
$2List of 20 Used and New Books with Genre, Prices and Conditions! Many books half off! Keep scrolling down --> The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother by James McBride, Paperback, marked, wear and tear, memoir, educational, school, books, teen, adult, college, courses, coming-of-age, racism, african american, biography, nonfiction, $7, used Red Roses, White Lies by Clarissa McNair, Paperback, wear and tear, romance, teen, adult, books, fiction, $2.5, used Jewels by Danielle Steel, Paperback, wear and tear, romance, teen, adult, books, fiction, $3.5, used  Commitment to Excellence by Kobi, Yamada, et al, Hardcover, wear, $3, business, money, management, leadership, motivation, books, used On Course, 5th edition, by Skip Downing, Paperback, like new with minimal wear, skills, reading, note taking, memorizing, test taking, books, shool,college, teen, adult, books, courses, $20, used The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon, Paperback, suspense, thriller, romance, wear and tear, $4, teen, adult, books, fiction, used Lost and Found by Anne Schraff, Paperback, wear, educational, school, teen, books, fiction, $2.5, used Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am? Insights into Personal Growth by John Powell, Paperback, wear, highlighting, educational, school, teen, adult, books, $6.5, used  Little Handbook of Dialysis by Charles Jacobs, MD, Dmitry Opolinsky, DO, wear, rare books, medical, $50, used The Social Work Practicum: A Guide and Workbook for Students by Cynthia Garthwait, Paperback, 4th edition, $60, college, courses, exercises, used Biopsychology by John Pinel, Hardcover, 7th edition, highlighting, underlining, markings, educational, college, courses, books, $80, used The Social Work Skills Workbook by Barry Cournoyer, Paperback, 5th edition, wear, markings, educational, college, adult, exercises, courses, $30, used I Will Succeed Social Work Comprehensive Study Guide with Practice Questions Bachelor's Level Revised Edition, 2010, Paperback, college, school, prep, exam, quiz, books, exercises, courses, $190, new, no damage Culturally Competent Public Child Welfare Practice, Child Abuse and Neglect by Krishna Samantrai, 1st edition, Paperback, policy, human behavior theories, multiculturalism, skills of practice, needs, developmental, social-emotional, physical, social work, adult, college, books, courses, $100, 2010,  used Days of Obligation: An arugument with my Mexican Father by Richard Rodriguez, Paperback, sociology, biography, autobiography, college, books, courses, teen, adult, underling, $7.5, used The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: The Ultimate Teenage Success Guide by Sean Covey, Paperback, highlighting, wear, college, school, courses, adult, teen, books, self help, exercises, $10, used Murder Fantastical by Patricia Moyes, Paperback, mystery, books, fiction, teen, adult, $2, used A New History of Social Welfare by Phyllis Day, 5th edition, Hardcover, wear, college, courses, adult, $30, used Macro Skills workbook A Generalist Approach by Karen Ashman, 2nd edition, Paperback, highlight, underlining, wear, college, books, adult, courses, $100, used Social Work Practice A Generalist Approach by Louise Johnson and Stephen Yanca, 10th edition, Hardcover, highlight, underlining, wear, college, books, adult, courses, $100, used
Selling a NEW unused Quick Books
$15Selling a NEW unused Quick Books dvd platform for accounting records and business startups and business management.
Masters of Management: How the
$10Masters of Management: How the Business Gurus and Their Ideas Have Changed the World-for Better and for Worse (Hardcover) by Adrian Wooldridge The book is in excellent condition. It is an interesting read if you are in the world of consulting. "A penetrating and engaging history of management theory,often regarded as one of the most vital and accessible business books available"