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White transport cage with remove
$20White transport cage with remove able cleaning tray comes with two dishes and a set of toy rings. This cage is designed for easy transport of small animals or birds. It's perfect for trips to the vet, moving to a new home, taking on vacation, and can even be used for a permanent living space for birds. It's rectangular, standing about 16" high, 24" long and 14" deep. It's been used for one trip to the vet only.
Bird cage with remove able tray
$20Bird cage with remove able tray for cleaning at the bottom. It comes complete with the dishes, perches, and toys as seen in the picture. This cage is for small to medium sized birds.
36" tall approximately and 18"
$3036" tall approximately and 18" squared, this bird cage fits medium sized birds like love birds or parakeets, etc. It comes with the toys and perches as seen in the pictures and the bottom tray slides out for ease of cleaning.