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Darren Carrington  #29
$200Darren Carrington #29 John Carney #3 Mike mohring #98 autograph football
dan marino autograph plate
$30dan marino autograph plate
Autographed photo of Neil
$99Autographed photo of Neil Patrick Harris "NPH". Bought from Tyler Mall autograph shop, comes with Certificate of Authenticity. I bought this when I was watching How I Met Your Mother, I'm looking to part with it now. Great television/tv pop culture gift. He simply signed it "NPH" which I think is awesome.
$125AUTOGRAPHED 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP USA SOCCER TEAM JERSEY, BALL, AND POSTERS Currently up for auction at www.ebay.com - please go to eBay & bid anytime. Opening bid is 1 penny with no reserve! All items will sell within the next 8 days! I ship worldwide. Shipping costs vary. Local pickup & delivery is FREE! I received all of this as part of my 2006 World Cup Package when I went to Germany to watch the USA play. The Ball has a few spots where the plastic stuck to it & ruined a few of the autographs. The Jersey is still in good condition. Posters & Certificates of Authenticity are in good condition. Both the jersey & ball were 1 of only 103 that were fully signed by the USA Team as a part of this FIFA World Cup Journey. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Highest Bidder at the end of this auction will win everything you see in the photos. Doesn't matter if the highest bid I receive is 1 penny...If you are the highest bidder at the end of this auction then you win it all! Just send me a message with what you're willing to bid & what your highest offer is. I will ship worldwide, but costs vary based on where you live. Bid with confidence as I've been on eBay since the late 1990s and have always delivered on exactly what I promise.
$3500MY ENTIRE BASEBALL CARD COLLECTION Currently up for auction at www.ebay.com - please go to eBay & bid anytime. Opening bid is 1 penny with no reserve! All items will sell within the next 8 days! I ship worldwide. Shipping costs vary. Local pickup & delivery is FREE! HIGHEST BIDDER WILL WIN EVERYTHING BELOW! INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOS, AUTOGRAPHED BASEBALLS, SETS, UNOPENED BOXES/PACKS, FIGURINES, ETC...IS ALL FOR SALE IN THIS POSTING Here is what you will be getting: 1. Randy Johnson Autographed 16x20 UPPER DECK AUTHENTICATED photo - Comes in original box that it was shipped to me in 2. 1990 Score Rookie & Traded Card Set 3. 1989 Fleer Updated Trading Card Set 4. 1990 Fleer Updated Trading Card Set 5. 1990 Topps Traded Card Set 6. 4 x 1990 Upper Deck High # Series (4 of these) 7. 1991 Score Collector Set (Sealed & In Box) 8. 1992 Upper Deck Baseball - Sealed Box of Unopened Packs 9. 1993 Fleer Ultra Baseball - Sealed Box of Unopened Packs 10. 2 x 1992 Leaf Series 2 - Sealed Box of Unopened Packs (2 of these) 11. 1991 Donruss - 6 unopened packs 12. 1991 Leaf Studio - Unopened Packs in Unsealed Box 13. Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig Signed Photo Print from 1993 (Product Exposure, Inc.) 14. Babe Ruth Sixtieth Home Run Signed Photo Print from (1993 Product Exposure, Inc.) 15. Stars of the Game Tony Gwynn Photo 16. Autographed Dave Justice authentic baseball with certificate of authenticity from the autograph show where I met Dave Justice & purchased his autograph & ball 17. Autographed Tony Gwynn authentic baseball with certificate of authenticity from the autograph show where I met Tony Gwynn & purchased his autograph & ball 18. Official American League Baseball from 1992 - Autographed by Chuck Knolblauch & Charles Nagy near the AL All Star Dugout on 7/14/1992 19. Official National League Baseball from 1992 - Autographed by Randy Jones, Tommy Davis, Robin Roberts, and John Miles at the All Star Fan Fest on 7/13/1992 20. Another Autographed Ball from Miscellaneous Players 21. Official American League Baseball 22. 1992 All Star Game Ball 23. 3 x 1998 Padres National League Champions Ball (3 of these) 24. 1997 Padres Ball with Tony Gwynn 8 Batting Titles & Ken Caminiti 3 Gold Gloves (2 of these) 25. Pin Set with 1993 Florida Marlins Inaugural Season, 1993 Inaugural Season with the Rockies & Marlins Logo and Farewell Season showing the Rangers logo with #34, Farewell Season Pin with #34 on it showing 27 seasons, 300 wins, 1993 Colorado Rockies Inaugural Season, and a Baltimore Orioles All Star Game Pin 26. 2002 San Diego Padres Collector Puzzle Pinset sponsored by Coca-Cola 27. 2002 Compadres Club Jose Nunez Pin showing Era: 3.31, 4 wins-1 loss, Games: 56 (2 of these) 28. 1998 N.L. Champs (Padres Pin) showing 1999 Frequent Friar Compadres Club 29. San Diego Padres 2001 Puzzle Pinset sponsored by Coca-Cola 30. 1988 Pacific Coast League - Las Vegas Team Set (ProCards, Inc.) 31. 1988 California League - Riverside Team Set (ProCards, Inc.) 32. 1989 Pacific Coast League - Las Vegas Stars Set (ProCards, Inc.) 33. Beckett Baseball Card Monthly Magazine with Tino Martinez on Cover 34. 7 Mead Upper Deck Wireless Neatbooks (paper) 35. 2 x Fleer 1992 Set (2 of these) 36. 1988 Fleer Set 37. 1986 Topps Set 38. 1990 Donruss Set with Both Juan Gonzalez Cards 39. 1991 Donruss Series 2 Set (2 of these) 40. 1990 Fleer Set (3 of these) 41. 1988 Donruss Set 42. 1991 Donruss Set 43. 1992 Donruss Set 44. 2 x 1990 Score Set - Original Box (1 sealed & 1 unsealed) 45. 1990 Score Set made by me 46. 2 x 1991 Score Series 2 set (2 of these) 47. 2 x 1991 Score Series 1 set (2 of these) 48. 1996 Mother's Cookies Baseball Trading Cards for the San Diego Padres 49. KEN GRIFFEY JR. - 1989 UPPER DECK ROOKIE CARD 50. 4 x Special Edition Upper Deck Tony Gwynn Cards - Factory Sealed 51. Mother's Cookies Presents The Nolan Ryan 7 No-Hitters Set of Cards - Factory Sealed Card 52. 2 Sealed Pacific Trading Cards Packs 53. Nolan Ryan Mother's Cookies Texas Rangers 5000 K's card 54. Donruss 1992 Coca-Cola Promo Card - Nolan Ryan Astros 1985 55. TONY GWYNN AUTOGRAPHED 3,000 HITS PHOTO NUMBERED 2,324/5,000 with Certificate of Authenticity 56. TREVOR HOFFMAN AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO with Certificate of Authenticity 57. 1990 Topps Factory Set 58. RARE - TONY GWYNN SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY BOBBLEHEAD FIGURINE - CHEVRON PROMO numbered 9,624/27,500 59. 1992 All Star Game Program in Good Condition 60. 1992 All Star Game Program with Babe Ruth card in the middle 61. 2 x 1992 All Star Fan Fest Wizard Special Edition Price Guides 62. 4 x Collector's Card Albums with over 100 baseball cards each in protective holders 63. Over 10,000 Common Baseball Cards in Boxes YOU WILL RECEIVE ALL OF THESE IN THIS AUCTION. MY ENTIRE COLLECTION. OVER $10,000 RETAIL VALUE! MANY MANY MANY HOURS OF MY LIFE SPENT COLLECTING, SORTING, AND ORGANIZING. YOU GET THE ENTIRE COLLECTION! SEND IN YOUR BEST OFFER TODAY!
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Stephenie Meyer author of
$50Stephenie Meyer author of Twilight and the Host books "The Host" First Edition May 2008. With the authors autograph.
 great valentine gift.
$190 great valentine gift. Historic Autographed Championship Boxing Glove Vazquez, Spinks, Weaver, Tillis *OWN THIS PIECE OF HISTORY* I attended the boxing hall of fame induction ceremony in LA on April 30, 2016 and collected these autographs Champion Israel Vazquez, Mike 'Hercules' Weaver James 'Quick' Tillis (signed God Bless in addition to his name)Leon Spinks, Mike Spinks
Tony Gwynn Autograph baseball.
$60Tony Gwynn Autograph baseball.
San Diego padres PHIL NEVIN
Dean Hardtail electric guitar.
$385Dean Hardtail electric guitar. Almost perfect condition. I have these Les Paul style knobs on, but I'm including the original chrome ones if you'd rather use those. Plays beautifully and seriously looks like a brand new guitar. On top of that, the pot plate is signed by the Jesus of quad neck 80s speed guitar, Michael Angelo Batio! Google him. You won't regret it. Don't have a need for speed? Simply clean the autograph off or turn the pot plate upside down, but keep in mind, you're decreasing the value by $7.50-$12, depending on the market. Make an offer! Lee Fender guitar Gibson PRS Ibanez amp tube solid body
Rusney Castillo autograph
$100Rusney Castillo autograph baseball with certificate of authenticity from JSA (K61379)
This San Diego Chargers mini
$130This San Diego Chargers mini helmet was signed by former San Diego Chargers quarterback Drew Brees. The autograph is 100% real, comes with a NFL PSA-DNA Of Authenticity, and a tamper proof NFL PSA-DNA sticker. Plus a Ultra Pro mini helmet Number is C89547381 Excellent condition. Accepting best cash offer
2 sets available! Topps Santa
$152 sets available! Topps Santa Claus 2007 Holiday Set 18-cards featuring Santa Claus on Topps' most popular designs of all time, including Santa Claus Rookie, Relic and Autograph cards. Both are new, sealed in box. Collectible items. $15 each
Framed and matted photo of
$25Framed and matted photo of President Ronald Reagan. Matt is embossed with Republican Presidential Task Force insignia. Stamped autograph. Frame measures 11.5" by 14.5". Makes a great gift.
Authentic autograph
$40Authentic autograph
Yasiel Puig hand signed
$100Yasiel Puig hand signed autograph jersey with COA from Go For Gold Sports
Wil Myers hand signed Autograph
$100Wil Myers hand signed Autograph jersey with COA from TAGG4LIFE
Adrian Gonzalez autograph
$40Adrian Gonzalez autograph baseball Edgar Gonzalez autograph baseball Edgar Gonzalez autograph kid batting helmet