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Autographs, jerseys and rookies
NegotiableAutographs, jerseys and rookies sports cards. Have many more not pictured. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll let you know what I have. Priced to move, open to offers.
Baseball from Tokyo Japan from
$450Baseball from Tokyo Japan from the 1960s, Japanese autographs all over it,do not know what they say I wish I knew that would reflect the price. Feel free to make an offer$$$
Tugboat autograph figure with
$55Tugboat autograph figure with Coa. $55
3 autographs 
 Rajon Rondo
$753 autographs Rajon Rondo Aaron Brooks Rodney Stuckey And I am open to trading
Drake Nevis autograph

Trade? or
$20Drake Nevis autograph Trade? or cash?
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Patriots Zach Sudfeld 8x10
$15Patriots Zach Sudfeld 8x10 autograph with COA (not framed)
Super Bowl champion Stevan
$45Super Bowl champion Stevan Ridley 8x10 autograph with COA (not framed)
Red Sox JD Drew  8x10 autograph
$30Red Sox JD Drew 8x10 autograph with COA "Four in a Row" picture The Red Sox became the 5th team in Major League history to hit 4 consecutive homers. (Not framed)
Patriots Brandon Spikes 8x10
$40Patriots Brandon Spikes 8x10 autograph With COA
Michael"Hoo Man"Hoomanawanui
$50Michael"Hoo Man"Hoomanawanui 8x10 autograph with COA framed & matted Super Bowl XLIX champion
Stevan Ridley
Super Bowl
$40Stevan Ridley Super Bowl Champion Huge 16x20 Autograph with COA
Red Sox Shane Victorino
2 x
$50Red Sox Shane Victorino 2 x World Series Champion 2008 & 2013 16x20 Autograph with COA
Click on photo to see complete
NegotiableClick on photo to see complete large picture Xlarge autograph photo of Ricky Martin Measure approx 24 x 36 $140 or best offer
Boston Red Sox- Hanley Rameriz
NegotiableBoston Red Sox- Hanley Rameriz (SIGNED)... 2003 Bowman Best Authentic Autograph Card Graded Mint 9 Graded Autograph 10 MUST PICK UP IN LYNN...
Wave one of Hockey autographs
$40Wave one of Hockey autographs all cards were signed in person two or three different waves, make an offer for all or one!
Wave two of Hockey card
$40Wave two of Hockey card autographs, we're all signed in person, multiple Hall of Famers here... Buy one or all of them...
Rock aka Duane Johnson autograph
$100Rock aka Duane Johnson autograph with COA. Met the people's champ in 2001/2002 yours for a fair price considering what he has become...
Kevin mchale autograph got in
$25Kevin mchale autograph got in person by me. Boston Celtics hall of famer and legend number 32 this was gotten in person so it's definitely a real signature!!! ALSO I HAVE A COA CERTIFIED FROM UPPER DECK OFFICES!!