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Beautiful Egyptian shadow box
$40Beautiful Egyptian shadow box art. Stunning black carved frame with hieroglyphic-like symbols. Width 17.5" length 21"
Oliver Gal Canvas Painting Wall
$50Oliver Gal Canvas Painting Wall Art Home Decor - Chanel CC NYC - Retail $649 Oliver Gal Canvas Painting - Retails for $649 - Artist: Oliver Gal - Chanel CC's and NYC - 45x30 - Fine art premium canvas print with hand brushed acrylic finish
Gouache paint supplies - Lemon
$30Gouache paint supplies - Lemon yellow, light blue, black intenso, white, ultra marine deep blue. Each one sells for $8.00 at the art store. Used only a squirt, practically new.
Art from Z Gallerie - 3 piece
$225Art from Z Gallerie - 3 piece set. 40x43 and 43x21. Small pics originally $120 ea.
Art from Z Gallerie - 38"x37"
$100Art from Z Gallerie - 38"x37"
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Art from Z Gallerie - Set of 2.
$50Art from Z Gallerie - Set of 2. 18x16
Art from Z Gallerie - 35" x 14
$45Art from Z Gallerie - 35" x 14
Custom nightmare before
$60Custom nightmare before Christmas evil Jack oval mirror 15x19... Hand sculpted,casted and painted by me...plastic mirror frame in black.. Perfect for the collector, tattoo shop art, rockabilly goth Halloween vampire skull day of the dead punk hot topic emo
Nail art similar to jamboree.
$10Nail art similar to jamboree.
Asuna and Kirito anime figures
$80Asuna and Kirito anime figures from sword art online
Little over 2 ft wall art
$40Little over 2 ft wall art
Bronze Wall Art *NEW*
$20Bronze Wall Art *NEW*
Beautiful and intricate woven
$40Beautiful and intricate woven art in a multi-layered wooden frame. Vintage. Some wear shows on corners of frame, writing on top/back (unseen when mounted on wall). "Three On The Go"
"Dream Catcher" wall art. Light
$10"Dream Catcher" wall art. Light cardboard material with paper glued on and added glitter details. Can be hung by attached ribbon or light enough for Velcro wall tape.
Brand new set of couches
$900Brand new set of couches including the modern art piece
Antique Asian calligraphy art
$45Antique Asian calligraphy art artist set up handmade never used in the box in great condition complete set. If you're collecting just for looks then that's one thing but if you plan to put it to use it's ready inbox me for interests thank you so much
Beautiful framed art
$10Beautiful framed art
3 Bags of vintage lace. Style
$353 Bags of vintage lace. Style texture best for pillows, hair bows etc. more on the stiff firm side. The white lace is soft. MANY MANY yards. No low ballers. Price is firm Very pretty for crafts or other projects School projects Arts crafts.
A bunch of American girl doll
$20A bunch of American girl doll books. Very helpful and fun books that I recommend if you have a preteen. 20 for all. Including: Samantha's art studio The care and keeping of you Stand up for yourself and your friends Good luck ivy McKenna McKenna ready to fly Doll hair salon The feelings book Feel your best on your big day Ghoul cafe Give the gift of green