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Apollo Classical Greek God
$55Apollo Classical Greek God Statuette (11.5"H x 6"W) (broken bow, attached) Apollo, god of the arts, archery and divination is, in many respects, the epitome of a Greek god. The ideal of the kouros (a beardless youth), he represents order, harmony and civilization in ways that most other Olympian deities cannot equal. Complete with details including a bow and arrow.
Vintage red, decorative
$20Bicycle Vintage red, decorative
Vintage 1970s Bird from USSR
$10Vintage 1970s Bird from USSR
Lighthouse Trinket Box
$4Lighthouse Trinket Box
Saying on wood
$4Saying on wood
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Scrapbook Album
$5Scrapbook Album
Vintage GOA France Hand Painted
$20Vintage GOA France Hand Painted Tray/Dish
50s rock and roll hanging
$450s rock and roll hanging Cutouts
Dinosaurs Party Napkins
$3Dinosaurs Party Napkins
Set of 2 Concrete lions, 2ft H,
$160Set of 2 Concrete lions, 2ft H, very heavy, need paint,price is for both pick up only. "Must go "
Picasso Print in Stainless Steel
$20Picasso Print in Stainless Steel Frame 33 x 22 Pick Up Only
Multi-Panel (5 pcs.) Metal Wall
$85Multi-Panel (5 pcs.) Metal Wall Art Home Decor Size 24"H x 66"W (with recommended 1" space between each panel)
Women's Journal
$4Women's Journal
Blue tissue paper
$1Blue tissue paper
Red paper treat bags
$3Red paper treat bags
Red graduation confetti
$2Red graduation confetti
My little pony jointed cutout
$6My little pony jointed cutout
3 ft framed pic of Independence
$253 ft framed pic of Independence Day
Wood Jack-in-the-Box Wall
$40Wood Jack-in-the-Box Wall Sculpture. Handmade. Very detailed. 23"wide x 24"high. 3/4" Mahogany. Cute for kids room.