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3d frame art work
11x11 framed
$73d frame art work 11x11 framed wall decor
(Bulbasaur, Fushigidane) is a
$7(Bulbasaur, Fushigidane) is a Grass /Poison-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.  Bulbasaur, known as Fushigidane in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Designed by Ken Sugimori, their name is a combination of the words "bulb" and "dinosaur." Weakness: Ice, Flying, Psychic, Fire. Evolves to: Ivysaur  New silk fabric cloth poster Poster is Not easy to damage. This would be a nice Christmas gift.
Pablo Picasso Signed Print. New
$100Pablo Picasso Signed Print. New
Hand painted dragonfly 20" x 24"
$60Hand painted dragonfly 20" x 24"
Large Plush Minnie Mouse Puppet.
$40Large Plush Minnie Mouse Puppet. Gently used
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"Love" wine stopper, never used
$1"Love" wine stopper, never used
Peacock painting size  (H) 18in
$10Peacock painting size (H) 18in X 16in (W)
H24inXin14W; Panther
$35H24inXin14W; Panther
Nutcracker  Multi color ; (H)
$50Nutcracker Multi color ; (H) 5x4.2in(W)
Embossed Scroll Plaque Metal
$50Embossed Scroll Plaque Metal Wall Art
Abstract naked-lady painting by
$475Abstract naked-lady painting by Carlo 49"/36.75"/2"
Acrylic self portrait
$120Acrylic self portrait
various wall signs 5 each
$5various wall signs 5 each
New white and pink lace dress
$20New white and pink lace dress size medium
flower painting
$10flower painting
Nook . Never used
$29Nook . Never used
New 5x8 Single Axle continental
$1950New 5x8 Single Axle continental cargo Enclosed trailer Several color options stocked We stock Ramp or double back door We carry every trailer configuration on the market utility, cargo, flatbed, gooseneck, carhaulers, an much much more! COUNTRYSIDE TRAILER SALES SPRING TEXAS