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picture frames 2
$2picture frames 2
Lichtenberg fractile burned wood
$75Lichtenberg fractile burned wood art. I call it "1000 Souls". I made this it's one of my first. if you are interested contact me and I'll explain.
Bird earrings.
$1Bird earrings.
Cheetah Statue
$27Cheetah Statue
Futon with or without pillows.
$50Futon with or without pillows. In great condition. No tears. I have more pictures if interested (side view & full front view).
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Great condition 25x37
$40Great condition 25x37
38x18 vintage Antique religious
$1638x18 vintage Antique religious rug of Jesus 212 north Main Street Buda.
Wall decoration
$5Wall decoration
Chinese wall decoration
$10Chinese wall decoration
Wall decoration
$10Wall decoration
Oil painting on canvas. 12"x12"
$375Oil painting on canvas. 12"x12"
Texas Prohibition Art
$25Texas Prohibition Art (Stonewall, TX) Caption reads, "In 1897 came county prohibition and causing the saloon to close on Feb. 11, 1899. In 1902, the building was being used as a restaurant."
21x59 cardboard back Marilyn
$2521x59 cardboard back Marilyn Monroe picture. 25.00 212 north Main Street Buda
mother's paintings all original
$20mother's paintings all original 20 each
Framed print of my painting
$75Framed print of my painting called Mary Weeping At The Tomb 8"X10"
Framed print of my painting
$65Framed print of my painting called The Bread Of Life
Wall Art
$3Wall Art
variety of picture frames. i'm
$15variety of picture frames. i'm gonna be a minimalist this summer. i don't need them anymore so they need to be in a good home.
Beautiful white and blue pitcher
$18Beautiful white and blue pitcher and bowl. 18.00 212 north Main Buda.