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Beautiful wood three drawer
$275Beautiful wood three drawer vintage dresser with mirror. Painted with antique white milk paint, distressed and coated with wax and dark wax accent. Measurements are 36" wide x 17.5" deep x 65" tall. Drawers have locks, but skeleton key not included.
Antique binoculars. Rare
$40Antique binoculars. Rare
Antique Occasional RoundTable.
$500Antique Occasional RoundTable. 28"h x 34" round . Very unique and beautiful!
antique Serving Set in perfect
$60antique Serving Set in perfect condition. I have the matching steak knives sold separately for $45. if sold together $75
collectible antique Serving Set
$60collectible antique Serving Set in perfect condition. I also have the matching 7 piece steak knife set. steak knives set sold separately for $40. if bought together price is $70
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Antique Collectabl Brass Silver
$95Antique Collectabl Brass Silver Vessel is a 1960's* Hand made Antique Collectable Brass Silver Vessel is a 1960's 70's * Beautifull Crafted by Skilled Indian Craftmans. This is a old traditional Vessel that royal family use these type of Utensils at old Time. Size Hight 15"× wide handle to neck 9"
" Antique Hand made Brass Candle
$45" Antique Hand made Brass Candle Lamp" Antique Hand made Brass Candle Lamp, made by Indian skilled craftmans. Lamp hv unique & refined smooth design . Size hight 9"× wide 5"
Antique India "Marble & Brass
$69Antique India "Marble & Brass Kettle with 4 pieces Cup" A Beautifull "Marble & Brass Kettle & Cups" Made by India's Special Skilled Crafmans . Awesome Smooth & quality finish , Right choice for giving this as a gift to elders, or Collecters. Size Kettle Hight 10" *× wide 8"* Cups Hight 2"*× wide 2"*
Antique Baras Vase

A beautifull
$59Antique Baras Vase A beautifull Antique Brass Vase is Made by skill Indian Craftmans. beautifull Design etched on Vase by Skilled Hand, hv refined polish on it. its realy Awsome Piece of art. Size Hight 14" × Wide 5"
Antique 'Wooden Horse' Hand
$35Antique 'Wooden Horse' Hand Made Amazing CraftManship made by skilled Indian CraftManship . Horse Engraved on Single piace of wood, very specifically . Hight 8" × Width 4'
Antique Collectable" Brass
$49Antique Collectable" Brass Pinnacle" 1970's* Indian hand made brass Pinnacle is a very unique piece of Art, that you place in your Show case. its a beautifull Pinnacle relly attract intenssions. its Old Piece around 1970' Dimensions Hight 7" × Wide 7"
Antique Brass Vessel
$59Antique Brass Vessel "19760-70"* Antique Collectable Brass Vessel is Beautifull Piece of Art , its around 40 - 50* year old, have amazing hand made Design on it . This Antique Vessel is a very good Piece for Collecters Size hight 10"× wide handle to neck 8"
Antique Wooden Cat family.
$25Antique Wooden Cat family. 1970's - 80' Every Cat made with Single Piece of wood by Skilled Indian Crafmens, very high quality finish , Beautiful Wooden Cat family. Dimensions Hight 5" × Width 4" *
Antique Woode Hand Made Wine
$36Antique Woode Hand Made Wine Glass. 6 Ps. Antique Hand made Wooden Wine Glass, made by Indian Skilled Crafmens. Every Glass made with single piece of Wood, has engraved beautiful design on every Glass. with these Wooden Glasses you can enhance beauty of your showcase of kitchen or Drawing room. its Amazing Craftmenship
Antique Wooden Jewellery box. {
$29Antique Wooden Jewellery box. { 1960's* 70's } Antique Wooden jewellery box . Amazing Hand work by Indian craftsmen ,its Really A piace of Art . Antique Lover will like this Jewellery Box. Dimensions Hight 4" length 5" width 4"
Antique parlor chair
$30Antique parlor chair vintage chair "as is"
Newport Wine Bar - Expendable -
$179Newport Wine Bar - Expendable - Antique Walnut 40.16"h x 50"w x 17.87"d
antique collectable harmonica by
$250antique collectable harmonica by horner,. it's in really good shape for being from the 30's I beleive. I see they sell for around 300 on eBay
Vintage Bulova American standard
$20Vintage Bulova American standard watch needs to go to antique watch specialist for repair