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Antique vintage LOG CABIN syrup
$14Antique vintage LOG CABIN syrup tin. 212 north Main Street. Buda. 14.00
Antique vintage silver all in
$40Antique vintage silver all in one canister and bread box. It's cute! 40.00. South Austin and Ben White area.
1900 antique framed picture of
$401900 antique framed picture of famous poets 40.00. Main Street Buda.
Antique vintage oval framed
$35Antique vintage oval framed mirror 35.00. Main Street Buda
Antique vintage metal ALAS sign.
$35Antique vintage metal ALAS sign. Perfect for man cave or sign collector. 35.00. Main Street Buda
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Beautiful antique vintage Made
$18Beautiful antique vintage Made in England comb and mirror vanity set. 18.00
Antique vintage marble lighter
$10Antique vintage marble lighter 4x3.5
Vintage retro donut 1970s
$10Vintage retro donut 1970s telephone Not tested
stone sculpture of chief Joseph,
$3800stone sculpture of chief Joseph, jeronimo, crazy horse & sitting bull.
1947 Cadillac in great
$350001947 Cadillac in great condition! Beautiful interior. Engine runs very well. Serious, honest offers only, please.
Antique Full size headboard good
$50Antique Full size headboard good condition two legs has wheels $65 Full Size Metal railings included price at $100 for both ! Great investment pc! Warm and cozy Bedroom feel!
Antique armoire, great
$175Antique armoire, great condition, easily breaks down into panels for moving.
Antique armoire, great
$175Antique armoire, great condition, sturdy
New! 3x panties
$6New! 3x panties
Antique cobalt blue gravy boat,
$20Antique cobalt blue gravy boat, Swann not sure what it supposed to be but I guess a serving bowl and then to vases these are authentic antiques I do have more blue cobalt stuff they have no damage on them whatsoever and they're all different prices the two vases are 15 for the pair if you buy them separately to change this one is 45 and the gravy boat is 40 I will bargain with you if you want to buy all the pieces are a couple of them I do have more depression glass in lots of colors and more blue I will ship for a charge and I will trade I'm easy-going but I won't give it away for free they are beautiful antiques that have nothing wrong with them and if you love depression glass let me know I have every color tons of pieces lots of designs
Antiquing painting and signed by
$20Antiquing painting and signed by artist in originally frame from 1965 see pics for details
antique hand-painted wooden
$39antique hand-painted wooden ironing board
antique National Cash Register.
$750antique National Cash Register. Model two built in 1891. Fully functional.