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Tips for Buying a Used Boat

You may wish for a boat so you can enjoy the water recreation available to you. But new boats usually carry a hefty price tag. Buying a used boat will be far easier on your wallet than will a new one, and the fun you have will be the same.

Shop for Used Boats & Rebuild it To Suit You

To save time and fuel, check your local classified ads sections for used boats. Pick out the ones you see that interest you, then call to set an appointment to check out the boat. You could luck out and find someone who bought a new boat, but never used it for one reason or another (illness, death, divorce, etc.) and needs to unload it, thereby saving you thousands of dollars. Purchasing a second-hand boat allows you the liberty of rebuilding it to suit your personal tastes.

What to Watch for When Buying a Second-hand Boat

Inspect it thoroughly for wear, damage, and seaworthiness. Because a boat isn’t as easy to test drive as a car is, you may need to make special arrangements to go with the seller to a nearby body of water to check it out. If that simply isn’t possible, the used boat’s motor can be started on land provided you do it properly. An advantage of purchasing your boat used is that you may do more research to insure you get a better deal. You will take the time to speak with the owner and may learn some interesting areas to fish as well as how the boat actually handles. Shopping for it on a lot, can make it less personal in addition to adding more to the price tag.


In buying a used boat, you may be able to select a style and type of boat that is no longer available in a new model. By doing your research well, and looking around, you could find the second-hand boat for sale that is just perfect for both your desire and your pocketbook. Don’t be discouraged if the used boat for sale isn’t perfect. A little paint or varnish, some new seats or upholstery work, and a lot of elbow grease can turn a tired tub into a great-looking boat that will give you many hours of enjoyment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and explore what your vessel has to offer.