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Pappa Pizza Base Shopkins
$2Pappa Pizza Base Shopkins
Harvey Honeycomb Shopkins
$3Harvey Honeycomb Shopkins
Special Edition Susie
$3Special Edition Susie Sausage new
Shopkins Popcorn costume
$30Shopkins Popcorn costume 8-10
Sharp Carousel Microwave(
$45Sharp Carousel Microwave( 11x20)...No Holds! Xposted!
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3-sets Mikasa
$503-sets Mikasa Settings: Beautiful and perfect for buyer resell on EBay as"replacements"(1st) Loves Me( E8002): 9 plates,6 saucers (2nd) Jardiniere(8016):4 plates,1 saucer..(3rd)16 veggie Bowl,15 saucers, 2 cups, 3 am. bowls, 1 lge.bowl..No Chips or Cracks!! No Holds!! Xposted!!
50-VHS tapes valued over
$3050-VHS tapes valued over $300.00...(Comedy- Romance-Mystery-Action packed)..No Holds!! Xposted!!
Girl ninja tablet
$15Girl ninja tablet 10-12
30- Adult/ 30-
$10Hangars 30- Adult/ 30- Children...No Holds!!Xposted!
Beautiful red goblet and
$15Beautiful red goblet and champagne glasses (No chips or cracks).No Holds!! Xposted!!
Winnie the Pooh
24 months
$20Winnie the Pooh 24 months
 New purses in immaculate
$30 New purses in immaculate condition: Green: Wilson's Leather tote (shoulder bag)..Brown: Bally's Hobo Bag... (No Holds!! Xposted!!
Century Mahogany wood highback
$125Century Mahogany wood highback chair. Trimmed in gold studs(top/ arm area)33 hx26w) Pickup in Claremont. No Holds!! Xposted!!
Workout Videos
Great deal!!
$10Workout Videos Great deal!! 5-videos for home workout!! No Holds!! Xposted!!
Burgundy Leather Airway carry on
$7Burgundy Leather Airway carry on luggage.(15 X 7 1/2).. Paint on bottom area. No Holds!! Xposted
Black: Walkabout. USA carry on
$7Black: Walkabout. USA carry on bag. Travelpro USA (15X7). Include lock and Key..No Holds!! Xposted!!
Negotiable!! 1950's bedroom set,
$400Negotiable!! 1950's bedroom set, normal age wear ..Willing sell as set or Individually..Must sell ASAP clearing warehouse!! Vanity w/ mirror(47X19)$185.00..High Boy Dresser(33ex4ft)$150.00...Night stand(12X15X26h)$100.00...Not pictured Head and footboard(same design). Pickup in Claremont.No Holds!! Xposted!!
Price increased included
$25Price increased included saucers, sugar and creme dispensers with 9-piece Aurora Ironstone set...No chips or cracks..No Holds! Xposted!!
Plastic Children door
$12Plastic Children door guard(/36X22)..No holds!! Xposted!!