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NordicTrack CX925 with cup
$75NordicTrack CX925 with cup holder and fan. Battery powered. Many workout programs. Excellent condition.
Authentic Air Jordan 12 Retro
$135Authentic Air Jordan 12 Retro men's size 11. Brand new condition with original box. Worn 2 times. No marks. Non-smoking home
Schutt Youth Medium, DS Flex 2.0
$25Schutt Youth Medium, DS Flex 2.0 All-Purpose Football Shoulder Pads, Black/Lime Green.
Official Licensed New York
$20Official Licensed New York Yankees Fitted Ball Cap. New York Yankees Ball Cap vintage look with Swarovski Crystal's creative stones. Women's SMALL. 100% Cotton, Raised embroidery, Hand added crystals.
Knee Support Strap
$8Knee Support Strap
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Rawlings Left Hand Baseball Mitt
$5Rawlings Left Hand Baseball Mitt : youth size
Amish kick scooter
$125Amish kick scooter Blue color Hand and foot brakes plus kickstand Includes front basket They're all over Amish/ Lancaster area Sterling
Resistol Self-Conforming Western
$60Resistol Self-Conforming Western Suede Cowboy Hat. Size 6 7/8 Mens, style Ranchman MFR #56-6001-19, Ticket #92583. NEVER WORN Brand New out of box stored in bag.
Resistol Self-Conforming Western
$60Resistol Self-Conforming Western Suede Cowboy Hat. Size 7 1/8 Mens, style Ranchman MFR #53-6001-19, Ticket #81376. NEVER WORN Brand New out of box stored in bag.
Selling 12 1993 Star Trek The
$60Selling 12 1993 Star Trek The Next Generation action figures for $60. Each figure is individually numbered and comes with a Starfleet action base, Starfleet gear, and exclusive Skybox collectors card. Figures included are 2 Captain Montgomery Scott, 2 Ambassador Spock, Jean-Luc Picard, Lieutenant (J.G.) Worf, Giunan, Commander William T Riker, Dr. Beverly Crusher, "Q", Lieutenant Commander Data, and Counselor Deanna Troi. All in brand new condition never opened sealed in original packaging.
Pre-owned Nike Air Jordan
$60Pre-owned Nike Air Jordan Velocity Black/Infrared Shoes Mens Size 8. Price is negotiable. Best offer
Fila Skates, new, worn at home
$45Fila Skates, new, worn at home few times. Retails for $179.95. Auto Adaptive Structure. Protection available in 3 pieces set. Contains elbow-, knee-, and wrist protectors. .
Folding hand truck
$50Folding hand truck
Very nice warm coat, worn few
$25Very nice warm coat, worn few times, almost new, size M, hat is attachable with zipper.
laptop cooler
$20laptop cooler
US 3M, Eur 34
$10US 3M, Eur 34
Roller skates size 8
$10Roller skates size 8
Youth boxing gloves
$8Youth boxing gloves
Pro-Form XP Crosswalk 580
$275Pro-Form XP Crosswalk 580 treadmill Priced to sell! Easy to move... has wheels and folds....Rarely used. Bought for $1500.00.

Learn More About Buying Used Sports Equipment

If you have a child or two in sports you know how expensive things can get. Uniforms, equipment, practice and so much more; it adds up very quickly. One thing to consider utilizing so you don’t break your bank with all the purchases, is classified ads to buy used sports equipment.

There are many different reasons you may want to get your uniforms or equipment second-hand in addition to saving money. Whether you are looking for the right shoes, tennis racquets, volley ball or baseball bat, you can often find an individual looking to sell one. There are many reasons to shop for your sports equipment on used sites. Consider the following reasons you should be shopping for used sports equipment instead of heading to the nearest store.

Meet Other Players

One great reason to look at your classified ads for your next sports purchase, instead of a major department store is that you’ll meet other players. The people you are purchasing from play or someone in their family does but they are looking to sell the equipment. This is a great way to find out the inside scoop on different teams and coaches.

Learn Tips for Playing

When you head out to purchase used soccer or basket balls, you are likely to meet people who have tried the sport. If you score a lot of used sports items in one sport, you may meet someone who is more experienced. This can be an ideal reason to ask a few questions and see if they have any wisdom on the sport they would like to share.

Higher Quality

One of the best reasons to shop for your sports equipment used is that you can make your budget stretch a lot further. This can be an ideal way to get ahold of high quality equipment, better uniforms or top notch shoes for just a fraction of the cost.

Not All Second-Hand is Used

An often kept secret of shopping for second-hand sports equipment is that there are many items that are new and being sold as used. This happens when a person receives a gift, bought the wrong size or otherwise has a brand new sports item that they would like to sell. This gives you the perfect chance to get what you need, spend a lot less and still end up with a new item to use.