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Granite Peak Roadmaster
$20Granite Peak Roadmaster excellent condition. Needs air in tires. Handlebar needs to be tightened. Still has factory sticker on it. Hardly used. Stored in garage.
NEXT  px4.0 Shimatno equipped
$20NEXT px4.0 Shimatno equipped red bike. Great pre owned condition. Needs air in tires. Stored in garage.
Wilson golf bag. Nothing broke
$9Wilson golf bag. Nothing broke everything works. All straps and zippers work.
Xmas present 🎁 Bearpaw🐾
$95Xmas present 🎁 Bearpaw🐾 leather winter boots size 9.5 - 10 ❄ never been used brand new
Back and calf machines. In
$700Back and calf machines. In excellent condition. Over 400lbs of plates included.
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Back and calf machines. In
$700Back and calf machines. In excellent condition. Over $400 lbs of plates included
CANNONDALE M300 21 Speed. In
$200CANNONDALE M300 21 Speed. In excellent condition, good tire tread, light weight bike around 20lbs. Medium 16" frame, 26x1.95 tires, quick release tires and seats, gel foam seat cushion, rear spring loaded seat with seat post shocks.
$2600STAR TRAC INSTINCT DUAL LEG PRESS AND CALF RAISE GYM EQUIPMENT. Weight machine in Excellent condition over 200lb's of iron plates. Retails $4065. Nice for home , garage or gym startup. Also open for trades for motorcycles or cars. Obo
Little gym in perfect condition
$400Little gym in perfect condition
I have a 5 teir bicycle display
$1000I have a 5 teir bicycle display rack, like the photo, bit 5 tiers. This was purchased at a bicycle store not Walmart, Kmart, or Target. Great for mancave and display your collectible bikes. Perfect for the area that is short on storage. Adjustable, can fit any bike,from a small bmx,to a mountain bike. Easy to assemble and transport too . Perfect for a pit crew at bmx races too. 1000.00. This can fold up for easy storage too. No shipping! No delivery, no lowballers.
Star trek  led night light.
$125Star trek led night light. Changes colors and has a nice little remote too. This is etched on acrylic, not a sticker! Great Christmas present!
Bicycle drum brake.  No idea of
$50Bicycle drum brake. No idea of the brand. Nos, new, never mounted. No lowballing!!! Don't hmu if you have no money or a ride for a meet up. Very expensive if brought somewhere else. Real good deal.
Mongoose, Supergoose, vintage
$215Mongoose, Supergoose, vintage bmx. 1994. Awesome condition, nice collectible. A real Mongoose bmx, before Mongoose was sold a box stores. All original, great decals, completely original, not junk. Mongoose was a great brand in the early days of bmx,this is a great example. I know what I have, no low ballers, no trades, no delivery. I got this from the original owner who took very good care of it. Aluminum frame, really nice condition. Don't hmu if you have no money or a ride for a meet.
New folding bike . This was a
$165New folding bike . This was a prize from Honest tea and Coca cola in 2014. Never been rode. Perfect for the student a camper, or of you are short on storage space. Folds very easy, can be stored on a shelf or under a bed. Promotional item. No delivery. Don't hmu if you have no money or a ride for a meet up .
Redline bmx mini seat,now stock.
$40Redline bmx mini seat,now stock. Has shelf wear. Vintage.
Vintage Diamond back bmx Silver
$425Vintage Diamond back bmx Silver streak. 1983. Completely overhauled, new graphics,nice survivor. The graphics are from Thailand, they are exact. Kick stand is not included. No delivery, no trades, no lowballers. I know exactly what I have. Lowballers will be ignored. I will not take 200.00, or 300.00 for a clean vintage bike. Don't ask. Cash Only, No trades. Please be respectful of my time.
Diamond back bmx.  Excellent
$125Diamond back bmx. Excellent condition. Bike has been stored inside, and been well cared for.
Wing flyer eppilical scooter.
$95Wing flyer eppilical scooter. Great workout. Used, not abused.
Schwinn Stingray, 5 speed.
$1200Schwinn Stingray, 5 speed. Awesome condition, stick shifter. Bike was well cared for. These bikes are going up in value. Great for a mancave or to ride around. Serious inquiries only. No trades, no shipping. I pick the time and place to meet. Near Chandler Az. I am not intetested in opinions or disrespect, don't try it! Low ballers will be ignored and blocked, as well as ppl who are disrespectful.

Learn More About Buying Used Sports Equipment

If you have a child or two in sports you know how expensive things can get. Uniforms, equipment, practice and so much more; it adds up very quickly. One thing to consider utilizing so you don’t break your bank with all the purchases, is classified ads to buy used sports equipment.

There are many different reasons you may want to get your uniforms or equipment second-hand in addition to saving money. Whether you are looking for the right shoes, tennis racquets, volley ball or baseball bat, you can often find an individual looking to sell one. There are many reasons to shop for your sports equipment on used sites. Consider the following reasons you should be shopping for used sports equipment instead of heading to the nearest store.

Meet Other Players

One great reason to look at your classified ads for your next sports purchase, instead of a major department store is that you’ll meet other players. The people you are purchasing from play or someone in their family does but they are looking to sell the equipment. This is a great way to find out the inside scoop on different teams and coaches.

Learn Tips for Playing

When you head out to purchase used soccer or basket balls, you are likely to meet people who have tried the sport. If you score a lot of used sports items in one sport, you may meet someone who is more experienced. This can be an ideal reason to ask a few questions and see if they have any wisdom on the sport they would like to share.

Higher Quality

One of the best reasons to shop for your sports equipment used is that you can make your budget stretch a lot further. This can be an ideal way to get ahold of high quality equipment, better uniforms or top notch shoes for just a fraction of the cost.

Not All Second-Hand is Used

An often kept secret of shopping for second-hand sports equipment is that there are many items that are new and being sold as used. This happens when a person receives a gift, bought the wrong size or otherwise has a brand new sports item that they would like to sell. This gives you the perfect chance to get what you need, spend a lot less and still end up with a new item to use.