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A 60 inch long body or bed
$8A 60 inch long body or bed bolster pillow in floral design 10 inches in diameter in good condition. Good for support of back in bed or on floor, for hugging or in a baby crib.
Nike Men's Vapor Shark
$45Nike Men's Vapor Shark Soccer/Football Cleats Athelic Shoes - 7.5 Gently pre-owned. Very good condition with clean insoles and soles. Well maintained shoes.
2013 Ford Mustang 
$100002013 Ford Mustang 108k Super fast Clean title
Door pull-up bar
NegotiableDoor pull-up bar
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Barry Bonds boys large vintage
$40Barry Bonds boys large vintage San Francisco jersey
Michael Jordan vintage white sox
$60Michael Jordan vintage white sox baseball jersey xl
Electric scooter Schwinn Missile
$225Electric scooter Schwinn Missile fs Needs batteries .. 2 /. 12 volts
Snow board Lamar , youth board ,
$45Snow board Lamar , youth board , world bindings 115 cm
Two brand new snowboards , His
$200Two brand new snowboards , His and hers sizes , meridian still in plastic
161 cm All custom Burton
$200161 cm All custom Burton snowboard , just like new , Burton bindings as well
HARO V-3 mountain bike , needs a
$200HARO V-3 mountain bike , needs a seat and trip to a bike shop ( they'll help for free ..
Mountain board deck Vermint
$40Mountain board deck Vermint Mongoose
black and grey jordans
size 6
$45black and grey jordans size 6
Diamondback bike
$100Diamondback bike
Black BodyRider air elliptical
NegotiableBlack BodyRider air elliptical trainer. Elliptical machine. Lightly used. Mostly a clothes hanger. I want the space back. Must pick up.
Youth baseball Easton
$20Youth baseball Easton bat/Typhoon 27 in 16oz
Softball Louisville Slugger 34
$30Softball Louisville Slugger 34 in 26 oz model SB27
Nike softball bat (Keystone) 34
$15Nike softball bat (Keystone) 34 in 26 oz

Learn More About Buying Used Sports Equipment

If you have a child or two in sports you know how expensive things can get. Uniforms, equipment, practice and so much more; it adds up very quickly. One thing to consider utilizing so you don’t break your bank with all the purchases, is classified ads to buy used sports equipment.

There are many different reasons you may want to get your uniforms or equipment second-hand in addition to saving money. Whether you are looking for the right shoes, tennis racquets, volley ball or baseball bat, you can often find an individual looking to sell one. There are many reasons to shop for your sports equipment on used sites. Consider the following reasons you should be shopping for used sports equipment instead of heading to the nearest store.

Meet Other Players

One great reason to look at your classified ads for your next sports purchase, instead of a major department store is that you’ll meet other players. The people you are purchasing from play or someone in their family does but they are looking to sell the equipment. This is a great way to find out the inside scoop on different teams and coaches.

Learn Tips for Playing

When you head out to purchase used soccer or basket balls, you are likely to meet people who have tried the sport. If you score a lot of used sports items in one sport, you may meet someone who is more experienced. This can be an ideal reason to ask a few questions and see if they have any wisdom on the sport they would like to share.

Higher Quality

One of the best reasons to shop for your sports equipment used is that you can make your budget stretch a lot further. This can be an ideal way to get ahold of high quality equipment, better uniforms or top notch shoes for just a fraction of the cost.

Not All Second-Hand is Used

An often kept secret of shopping for second-hand sports equipment is that there are many items that are new and being sold as used. This happens when a person receives a gift, bought the wrong size or otherwise has a brand new sports item that they would like to sell. This gives you the perfect chance to get what you need, spend a lot less and still end up with a new item to use.