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Big Boss Oil Less Fryer, New
$45Big Boss Oil Less Fryer, New
One iPhone mophie charging cases
$35One iPhone mophie charging cases for 6 plus
Suzuki GSXR Front Forks Shocks
$225Suzuki GSXR Front Forks Shocks Suspension Set & Front Fender. Also have other parts for Suzuki GSXR
perfect/still  in box
$150perfect/still in box condition. Bradbury Mint Boston Terriers Collection set of 20 $150 or $20 per plate
Black Forest, Germany
$500Black Forest, Germany Coocoo Clock circa 1970's Hunting theme Great Condition
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Beautiful handmade sun and moon
$30Beautiful handmade sun and moon wall plaque. hand engraved and then painted and sealed to preserve the color. ready to hang on your wall. 9 inches across
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid
$17Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick. Never worn/opened.
Framed Dairy farm picture
$25Framed Dairy farm picture
Hand made ceramic lamp ET in
$55Hand made ceramic lamp ET in amazing shape all still works as well
Open Weave floor Vase new 30
$59Open Weave floor Vase new 30 inches tall
Bamboo vase    28 inches tall
$25Bamboo vase 28 inches tall
Silver Tin tray for display use
$10Silver Tin tray for display use
Like new yellow Drawer knobs
$20Like new yellow Drawer knobs
Box Dolly 
in excellent
$40Box Dolly in excellent condition
6 Kwikset Door knobs

Each comes
$1006 Kwikset Door knobs Each comes with its own key  (Please note only one key for each and they are all keyed differently
Table,chairs, buffet , china
NegotiableTable,chairs, buffet , china cabinet $1,000 for dining room set
lovely Victorian style bathroom
$10lovely Victorian style bathroom sign. hangs from pink ribbon
Framed Tapestry in baroque,
$150Framed Tapestry in baroque, ornate wooden frame. Approximately 26" square.

Benefits of Buying Home Goods Second-Hand

Whether you’re decorating a new home, updating your current space, or looking for a specific item you really need, shopping for home goods second-hand has any number of benefits. There are plenty of reasons beyond saving money to skip retail and find a real treasure.

Eco-Friendly Home Goods

Buying items for your home on the second-hand market rather than shopping new prevents those used items from winding up in landfills. Americans send millions of tons of home décor items, including kitchen tools and furniture, to landfills every year. Every time you choose to buy used, you help reduce the impact on the planet from the disposal of useable household items.

Shopping used more often also reduces the need for more manufacturing, which can have an even more positive impact on the environment.

Rare Finds

Shopping the classifieds for home accessories gives you access to things you won’t find on the shelves at your local stores. Whether you’re looking to complete a discontinued china set or want something more unique than the mass-produced pieces you will find at big box stores, shopping second-hand allows you to add unique and personal touches to your home. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the hunt of seeking out distinctive pieces.

Not all of your finds have to be used, either. Shopping the classifieds can also help you find brand new home décor items that were purchased but never used. Many of them may not be available new anymore, making them difficult to find as well as a great deal.

Getting Top Quality Home Goods

When it comes to home furnishings and other home items, new doesn’t always mean the best quality. Shopping used means you can find items that are proven to be solid and may well have been built to higher quality specifications in the first place. While many stores are selling particleboard, you can pick up solid wood for the same price – or even less.

You may not be able to afford high-end home brands if you shop for them new, but when you look at used items you’ll find you can pick up those brand names for less and get more quality for your money. That means a high-end looking home and long-lasting, quality items that won’t soon send you back to the store for a replacement.

Shopping used to fill your home is a wise decision for your bank account, for the planet, and allows you to create a space that fits your personality. Before you head to the store, check out local online classifieds to see what unique finds are out there at a great price.