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black corset with lacing in the
$40black corset with lacing in the front and back. In flawless condition.
in perfect condition, black,
$35in perfect condition, black, size medium corset
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tops small, medium & he XML
$5tops small, medium & he XML
Size: small
Never worn
$10Size: small Never worn
earrings $10, key chain $3,
$10earrings $10, key chain $3, choker $25
attention all massage
$300attention all massage therapists, tattoo artists comma and piercing experts! featured here is an Oakworks massage table originally bought for $650 and only used twice! a beautiful maroon and blonde Oak finish, VERY nice table would love for it to go to someone that will have a practical use for it!
check out Mattie's Memories  &
$10check out Mattie's Memories & More on fb for many more great items

The Best Reasons to Shop Second-Hand Fashion

For a fashionista on a budget, searching listings for great pieces that are gently used is not only a cost-saving measure, but also the smart way to fill out a fabulous wardrobe. Clothing is one of the most disposed of items, and much of it is in excellent condition and very wearable. Shopping for second-hand items is always a good choice for anyone looking to let their style shine.

Designer Fashions for Less

Designer clothing often comes with an astronomical price tag, but once it hits the second-hand market it can be had at deep discounts. Part of what makes a designer piece so costly is that fashion houses use the best materials and methods to create clothing that is beautiful and won’t fall apart.

Big brand names are pieces that can be a wardrobe staple for years to come, and when you buy them at discounted prices from resellers, you can have extra cash to add even more perfect pieces to your look.

Avoid Fast Fashion and Help the Planet

In recent years the trend to move away from what is called “fast fashion” has been gaining traction. It refers to clothing that is mass-produced, often in less than ideal working conditions overseas. This type of clothing rarely makes it to the second-hand market because it’s lower in quality and doesn’t last long enough.

Most of what turns up for resale is good quality, using better fabrics. By purchasing second-hand clothing you will also reduce the demand for fast fashion and help make the clothing industry more responsible. Finally, you’ll prevent clothing from ending up in a landfill, which is the fate of vast quantities of donated clothing that can’t be resold.

Unworn Fashion Clothing

There are an incredible number of brand new clothing items available for sale at lower prices. Whether it was a gift or purchased and simply never worn, you will find a large selection of brand new pieces with the tags still attached.

Even items that have been worn one time, such as a dress purchased for a special occasion, is basically as good as new. Why pay more for something that is in the same condition? Even brand new items at stores have been tried on multiple times, making an item worn just once in similar condition.

There may be no area where shopping second-hand is a smarter choice than fashion. Used clothing allows you to find the pieces you really want, pick up high quality for less, and build a fashionable wardrobe while helping the planet.