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Cars Traditional Slumber Bag
$15Cars Traditional Slumber Bag (brand new never used). Ideal for sleepovers, naptime, and travel. Soft, warm, and washable. Size: 30"✖️57", Insulation: 16 oz Polyester Hollow fiber filled for warmth and comfort. Meet voluntary industrial standard CPAI-75. Asking $15 or best offers, cash only.

$20ATTN: TRAIN COLLECTORS RARE CIRCA 1960'S LIONEL HO 0300 OPERATING LUMBER CAR POST-WAR VINTAGE. Complete your train set...Lionel HO 0300 Operating Lumber Car POST-WAR Vintage Circa 1960. Original packaging and excellent condition! These are rare and sell MUCH higher on EBay. PLUS THIS IS EBAY'S TOP PICK. X POSTED, Shipping is available and separate from the marked price. NOTE: The Buyer pays shipping!

$40ATTN: TRAIN COLLECTORS 1960'S LIONEL TRAIN CABOOSE #0817 HO SCALE NH I have the original box. Very good to great condition for it's vintage age. Ebay has one on sale which is attached. Cross posted/no holds. Cash only! Pick up in La Mesa OR Shipping is available. NOTE: THE BUYER PAYS FOR SHIPPING!

$10ATTN: TRAIN COLLECTORS! RARE LIONEL MISSLE I have the original box. Very good condition for it's vintage age. NOTE: The Missle has a little crack, which can easily be fixed with super glue. Due to the crack, I've lowered the price. Located in La Mesa. Cross posted/no holds. Cash only! Shipping is available and separate from the marked price. NOTE: The Buyer pays shipping!
Size 3t
$5Size 3t
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Glow in the dark Halloween shirt
$5Glow in the dark Halloween shirt
Size 4t
$8Size 4t
Size 6
$10Size 6
3rd birthday shirt 
Size 4 runs
$103rd birthday shirt Size 4 runs smalls
Size 5
$6Size 5
Brand new with tags size 4
$8Brand new with tags size 4
Size 4
$5Size 4
New without tags
$8New without tags
Size 5
$8Size 5
Size 3t
$8Size 3t
Size 4t
$6Size 4t
Brand new with tags set size 4t
$20Brand new with tags set size 4t
By the creator of the "I Spy"
$8By the creator of the "I Spy" books is this brand new unopened 1000 piece 27"x20" puzzle. Received Toy of the Year Award. $8 firm
•Great pre-owned
$8•Great pre-owned condition •Size: Large •Brand: Miss Chievous •Material: Cotton/ Rayon •Lace fabric not torn

5 Reasons To By Used Baby Stuff

Everyone knows that babies can cost quite a bit of money. One of the biggest reasons for this is that babies have a lot of things they need. From clothing, diapers, car seats to toys, books and more, it never seems to end. If you haven’t considered getting your baby stuff second-hand, here are just a few of the reasons you should consider this option instead.

Babies Grow Fast

It’s a cliché for a reason. Babies grow superfast. In fact, some don’t even fit in newborn outfits and barely squeeze into the next size up on the very day they are born. This means you can spend money on clothing every week. Clothes also don’t always fit the same. Some 0-3month outfits from one brand are tiny while others can fit a two-year-old. Buying second hand baby clothes can help you get the right fit and save you money.

Meet Other Parents Nearby

An added bonus of shopping for kid’s things second-hand is that you can meet parents nearby. They may know of different play groups and when they meet. They may be able to tell you which library has the best story time. Parents selling baby stuff have gone through the stage you are in with your little darling-they can offer tips or sympathy. Knowing other parents around is a great reason to buy used baby stuff.

Learn Insider Tricks

One brand of car seats may work best when used a certain way while others need different adjustments. One set of sippy cups may always leak while another brand is lock-tight. Buying your children’s items used can help you get tips on what brands really work and what are just advertised well.

Still Get it New

A lot of people think that just because you are buying something for your children second-hand that it will be used and worn. This isn’t always the case. Kids receive a lot of gifts and parents are busy. It’s a lot easier to sell something on a classified ad than to take it back. Save some money and shop for your baby stuff through classifieds.

Save for College

It’s true, children are expensive and it is also true that you can save money when you shop for used baby stuff. One of the best reasons to save money is so that you can start saving and investing in your children’s education today instead of waiting for tomorrow.