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Great Reasons to Buy Used Furniture

Furniture for your residence is one of the biggest home expenses you encounter. Furnishing a new home or replacing worn out items with newer pieces can add up in a hurry, but if you shop for used furniture you’ll save a bundle. However, while the money savings may be the reason you first check out classified ads for used furniture, there are several other benefits as well.

Find Your Specific Style

If you want to decorate your dwelling in a way that doesn’t look like a furniture store showroom, shopping the classifieds is a great direction. You’ll find custom-ordered items, unusual designs, and a wide variety of styles past and present that may be harder to find or unavailable in stores.

If you wish for your home furnishings to have a particular style (mid-century modern, for example), or want a more eclectic look and feel, buying used furniture gives you the freedom and selection to find just about anything you can imagine, rather than being constrained only to the items the stores carry. It throws open the doors to buying any type, and any style, from any period.

Making It Your Own

Used pieces of furniture may come with a few cosmetic issues, but they offer good bones. That makes them great for people with a little creativity or DIY leanings and a concept of how they want their furniture to look.

Refinishing and reupholstering chairs, sofas, and even tables makes excellent use of those good bones and gives them a facelift with your personal touch. When you refurbish old pieces, you’re not limited to the fabrics and colors on offer at the stores; you can create your own personalized look to match your home décor vision. Often a simple coat of paint or stain is all you really need to completely change and revitalize the look of an older item.

High Quality Value for Your Money

Shopping for furniture from classified ads doesn’t just save you money. Often you find high-end high street pieces that cost far more when new, including expensive furniture brands and high-quality solid wood. You even find brand new furniture for sale that didn’t work out for the original purchaser but couldn’t be returned – letting you benefit.

Buying through classified ads is not just about cheaper home furnishings, it’s also about getting more and better quality pieces for the same or less money you’d than spend on lower quality items brand new. You can buy an entire room of used or new furniture through classified ads for the amount you’d spend on one new couch. You can get an entire bedroom suite for the cost of one new bed. Whether you have one room or a whole residence to furnish, the classifieds are your best friend.

Shopping for used furniture keeps money in your pocket while preventing perfectly good, beautiful items from adding to the nearly 10 million tons of furnishings that reach landfills each year. Not only do you do some good, you create the interior décor in the style you want with unique, personal pieces.

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