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New iPhone 6s Plus
$400New iPhone 6s Plus
This was my phone for the last 6
$150This was my phone for the last 6 months it has no cracks or anything but the rear camera lense is shattered however i am giving a 2nd iPhone 6 to whomever buys this one that on the day we upgraded,the 2nd phone turned off, we r unsure as to y and since we were upgrading never had them look at it! So it is very likely fixable since we never dropped it or got it wet etc. but if u dont want to or cant have it fixed then it can be used for parts, like the lense on the first phone which is very easily fixed they told me. Then later, if something should ever happen,god forbid, to the screen or something u have an extra! The reason I'm not asking very much and am negotiable on the price is i have a baby and need $ ???? worse then a phone that i dont use anymore! Hopefully you are in need of a great deal! Also it is compatable with alot of the prepaid companys as well as the regular cellular services. You just need to buy their sim card kit,as with any phone . Thanks feel free to ask questions!!
Great condition a few scratches
$400Great condition a few scratches on back . Available to any carrier
Galaxy 3 phone cases
$25Galaxy 3 phone cases
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