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nice fish tank,very healthy fish
Negotiablenice fish tank,very healthy fish need a new family to care about them i will include everything filter heater water pump and more they're adorable you will love them
R.E.V robotic enhanced vehicles
$40R.E.V robotic enhanced vehicles
OpenBox Profloss
$20OpenBox Profloss Waterflosser This item has a distressed open retail box "see all pictures" Features ProFloss Waterflosser will help freshen breath and give you a healthy smile by removing debris and bacteria left behind by brushing and flossing, while massaging your gums. ProFloss Waterflosser takes up no countertop space because you attach it to your faucet in seconds - only when needed. It's powered by your faucet, not electricity, which means no noisy motor. There's no reservoir to refill and no battery to recharge, so you're ready to use anytime by simply turning on the water. Easy to use for all ages. More information - The ProFloss? aerator has both internal and external threads so it fits most faucets with 15/16" female faucet threads OR 55/64" male faucet threads. - No reservoir to refill - No Batteries or Electricity needed - it's faucet powered - No Clutter on Countertop - Detachable - Easy to use for all ages

Negotiable HIGH END DESIGNER TIES LOT 2 each MIX LOT OF 10 NECK TIES 10$ lot of 20 =18 lot 40= 34 lot of 100=85 -Most of the ties are 100% Silk and a few are polyester -If you want a certain color scheme, please let me know I will try my best to accomidate you. -All ties are new and never worn however they come from major department stores and may show signs of handling, wrinkles or some may show signs of being tied around a mannequin and may need to be dry cleaned.
high end designer ties they are
Negotiablehigh end designer ties they are shelf pull items I can provide any color you need 2 dollars each if you buy more than 10 it will be $1 each
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